The next step of internet addiction in taiwan (2014)

Alcohol Alcohol. 2014 Sep;49 Suppl 1:i19. doi: 10.1093/alcalc/agu052.86.

Ko CH.


Internet gaming disorder (IGD), one type of internet addiction, was recruited in DSM-5 as an addictive disorder. The concept, diagnosis, research, and treatment of internet addiction should move forward to contribute to society and science. We need have more consensus in concept of internet addiction, particular to define what is the core presentation of behavior addiction. The specific activities, such as gaming, sex, or gambling, with higher addiction potential should be researched, diagnosed, and intervened separately. The IGD criteria should be evaluate to support its validity. Further, consensus in intensity and frequency in diagnostic criteria were necessary to contribute to reliability of IGD diagnosis over the world. The future research should focus to the biological and social mechanism specific to internet addiction. To develop practical and reasonable intervention as soon as possible to help the subjects with internet addiction or IGD based on evidence based information and clinical experience is also essential. Since the technology had changed rapidly, a practical preventive strategy to prevent addiction to new emergence media should be researched and developed.