The Psychology of Smartphone: The Development of the Smartphone Impact Scale (2019)

Pancani L1, Preti E1, Riva P1.


Smartphones are changing lives in a number of ways. However, the psychological literature has primarily focused on smartphone overuse, neglecting the impacts that are not strictly related to problematic use. The present research was aimed to develop a comprehensive self-report scale that accounts for the cognitive, affective, social, and behavioral impacts of smartphones in everyday life-the Smartphone Impact Scale (SIS). Study 1 ( N = 407) yielded a preliminary version of the scale, which was refined in Study 2 ( N = 601). The SIS is a 26-item scale that measures seven dimensions of smartphone impact. Results revealed meaningful associations between its subscales, psychosocial constructs, and daily usage of smartphones and apps. The SIS broadens the view of human-smartphone interaction by extending the concept of problematic smartphone use to further dimensions (e.g., emotion regulation) and introducing a proper measurement of underinvestigated smartphone impacts (e.g., tasks support). The implications of each SIS subscale are discussed.

KEYWORDS: scale development; smartphone; smartphone psychosocial impact; smartphone use; technological addiction

PMID: 30829048

DOI: 10.1177/1073191119831788