The Relationship Between Bullying Victimization and Depression in Adolescents: Multiple Mediating Effects of Internet Addiction and Sleep Quality (2020)

Psychol Health Med . 2020 Jun 1;1-11.

doi: 10.1080/13548506.2020.1770814.

Ruilin Cao  1 Tingting Gao  1 Hui Ren  1 Yueyang Hu  1 Zeying Qin  1 Leilei Liang  1 Songli Mei  1


Various studies have found that bullying victimization is an important factor affecting depression. However, few studies have explored the underlying mechanism of this effect. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of bullying victimization on depression, as well as the mediating roles of internet addiction and sleep quality. The participants were 2022 Chinese junior high school students who completed questionnaires regarding bullying victimization, internet addiction, sleep quality and depression. Correlation analysis indicated that bullying victimization, poor sleep quality, internet addiction, and depression have significant, positive correlations with each other. Hayes’ PROCESS macro revealed that internet addiction and sleep quality played multiple mediation roles in the relationship between bullying victimization and depression. These results suggested that effective strategies focusing on improving problematic internet use along with sleep quality may contribute to reducing the negative effect of bullying victimization on depressive symptoms.