Unveiling the dark side of social networking sites: Personal and work-related consequences of social networking site addiction (2018)

Moqbel, Murad, and Ned Kock.

Information & Management 55, no. 1 (2018): 109-119.


  • Social networking site (SNS) addiction impacts personal and work environments.
  • Addiction to SNSs indirectly impairs performance.
  • Addiction to SNSs increases task distraction that reduces performance.
  • Addiction to SNSs reduces positive emotions.
  • Positive emotions improve health and performance.


Although previous research has explored the effects of social networking site (SNS) use in organizations, researchers have focused little on its negative consequences. This article attempts to fill this void by examining, through the lens of social cognitive theory, the extent SNS addiction impacts personal and work environments. The results, based on 276 questionnaires completed by employees in a large information technology corporation, show that addiction to SNSs has negative consequences on the personal and work environments. SNS addiction reduces positive emotions that augment performance and enhance health. SNS addiction fosters task distraction, which inhibits performance. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.