A Three-Wave Longitudinal Analysis of Preexisting Beliefs, Exposure to Pornography, and Attitude Change (2013)

Communication Reports

Volume 26, 2013 – Issue 1

Paul J. Wright

Pages 13-25 | Published online: 22 Mar 2013



Much of the research on pornography and sexually permissive attitudes has been cross-sectional, has assessed only straightforward exposure–attitude correlations, has focused on adolescents, or has been conducted outside of the United States. This study employed nationally representative, longitudinal data gathered from adults in the United States to redress these gaps in the literature. After controlling for earlier sexual permissiveness and a number of other potential confounds, a positive prospective association between pornography exposure and subsequent sexual permissiveness was found. Furthermore, in alignment with the 3AM model of media sexual socialization, this association was moderated by participants’ preexisting liberal–conservative ideology.

Keywords: Political OrientationPornographySexual PermissivenessSexual Socialization