Factors Associated With Exposure to Violent or Degrading Pornography Among High School Students (2015)

J Sch Nurs. 2015 Jan 6. pii: 1059840514563313.

Romito P1, Beltramini L2.


The purpose of this study was to analyze pornography exposure in a sample of 702 Italian adolescents (46% males; mean age = 18.2, SD = 0.8). Among male students, 11% were not exposed, 44.5% were exposed to nonviolent material, and 44.5% were exposed to violent/degrading material. Among female students, 60.8% were not exposed, 20.4% were exposed to nonviolent material, and 18.8% were exposed to violent/degrading material.

Among males, adjusted odds ratio (AdjOR) of exposure to violent/degrading pornography were higher if using alcohol, having friends who sell/buy sex, and taking sexual pictures. Females who were victims of family violence, attending technical/vocational schools, and taking sexual pictures had higher AdjOR of watching violent pornography; smoking and having friends who sell/buy sex were associated with both nonviolent and violent/degrading exposure.

Exposure to violent/degrading pornography is common among adolescents, associated with at-risk behaviors, and, for females, it correlates with a history of victimization. School nurses have a pivotal role in including discussions about pornography in interventions about relationships, sexuality, or violence.


adolescents; gender differences; high school; pornography; school health services; school nursing; violence