Social Factors As Predictors Of Pornographic Viewing Among In School Adolescents In Edo State, Nigeria (2019)

Omoponle, Adewuyi Habeeb, And Yusuf Adam Oyetunji. ”

Vol 6 No No. 1 (2019): Social factors as predictors of pornographic viewing among in school adolescents in Edo State, Nigeria /


The belief in the sacredness and sanctify of human sexuality is gradually deteriorating globally. This is aided by the proliferation of pornographic materials through modern technologies. Therefore, this study investigated the social factors as predictors of pornographic viewing among in-school adolescents in Edo State. This study adopted descriptive survey research design. Three hundred participants were selected from ten secondary schools in Edo state using simple random sampling technique. Three research questions were raised and answered using Pearson Product Moment Correlation and multiple regression analysis. Three structured questionnaires; Internet addiction Scale (=0.86), Peer influence Scale (=0.92) and Pornography Viewing Scale (0.78) were used for data collection. The findings revealed a significant positive relationship between internet addiction; peer influence and pornographic viewing. The two variables jointly accounted for 74.7% variance in the prediction of pornographic viewing among the participants. The independent variables made positive relative contribution to pornographic viewing in the following order: internet addiction contributed most to the prediction of pornographic viewing among in-school adolescents followed by peer influence. Based on this finding, it is recommended that positive peer influence training should be organized to curb pornographic viewing. Positive use of internet should be encouraged among adolescents so as to curb pornographic viewing.

Keywords: Peer influence, Internet addiction, Pornographic viewing and In-school adolescents.