The Effect of Pornomedia In Social Media on Student Behavior in SMA 2 Years of Sangihe Islands District (2019)

Kaehe, Jimmy Jerni, Antonius Boham, and Meiske Rembang.



Current development in information technology have been higly developed since entering the millennium era. Various kinds of technology enter human life, information and communication technology are developing very fast in the midst of people’s lives. Along with the rapid development of information and communication can be carried out using electronic media, which can connect us with other people who work in different regions, one of the needs of society now is social media, outside of the uses and advantages of using social media, it cannot be denied that in social media there are many things that contain pornography that are very easy to access. This is very influential on the lives and behavior of students. So this research was conducted to find out how much influence Pornomedia has on students behavior in SMA N 2 Tahuna Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe. Pornomedia as an independent variable consists of pornographic, porno-action, pornotext, pornography. As for the behavior is a dependent variable and consists of several factors, namely determining factors, supporting factors, driving factors. This type of research uses the type of Quantitative research using survey methods. The data used in this study is questionnaire distributed to 60 respondents. The data analysis method used is simple linear regression. To analyze the data assisted using the SPSS program. The results of this study indicate that Pornomedia has a negative effect on student behavior in SMA N 2 Tahuna. Where 0.17% is a Positive influence while 99.83% is a negative influence.

Keywords: Pornomedia, Student Behavior