The Relationship between Self Control and Cybersexual Addiction in Late Adolescence in Salatiga (2017)

Dwiputra, Ditto Kusuma Nirwan. “Hubungan antara Kontrol Diri dengan Kecanduan Cybersexual pada Remaja Akhir di Salatiga.”

PhD diss., Program Studi Psikologi FPSI-UKSW, 2017.


The purpose of this study to see how closely the Relationship Between Self-Control with trend Cybersexual Addiction in Adolescents Late in Salatiga. The hypothesis of this study is there is a negative relationship between self-control with cybersex addiction tendencies. Measuring instrument used in this research is Self-Control Questionnaire and Cybersex Addiction Questionnaires were distributed to 67 research subjects. Self-control scale consisted of 21 item and cybersexual addiction scale consists of 34 item. Data was analyzed by calculating the correlation using SPSS and obtained a correlation coefficient (-0.543) means that there is a close negative relationship between self-control with cybersexual addictive tendencies, which showed higher self-control, the lower the cybersexual addictive tendencies.