Trajectories of University of Ibadan Undergraduates’ Exposure to Cyber Pornography (2018)

Adebayo, Haleemah B., and Usman A. Ojedokun.

Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences 12, no. 1 (2018): 10.


Cyber pornography is fast gaining ground in the Nigerian cyber environment with undergraduate students among its major consumers. Against this background, this study investigated the trajectories of University of Ibadan undergraduates’ exposure to cyber pornography. Containment theory was used as a theoretical framework. Data were collected from 250 respondents through surveys and in-depth interviews. Respondents’ selection was achieved through a multistage sampling technique. Findings revealed that browsing for academic materials (37.0%) and Internet surfing (35.0%) were the major online activities predisposing respondents to cyber pornography. The majority of the respondents (78.3%) identified sex videos and nude pictures as the most commonly encountered cyber pornographic materials. Increased sexual urge was the major effect that most of the respondents (39%) attributed to cyber pornography. Undergraduate students need to be constantly counseled by relevant stakeholders on the danger and negative consequences associated with cyber pornography.