Seeing Women Differently

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Porn addiction shifts perceptionNeed a new way of looking at women? One guy said:

Out of all the methods I tried, including religious groups, online programs and sheer will power there is one that made the difference for me. It's called "natural grounding." Basically, you watch videos of natural women. The idea is that you allow the true natural feminine essence that these women radiate, to impact you just by watching the videos. You basically connect to this authentic and pure feminine source and it is quite profound and simple.

I know it sounds pretty weird, but it definitely helped me out. I started watching these videos and put music on that would produce a strong impact for me and just relaxed. The effect was immediate. The best part was that I was not drawn to watch porn anymore, and I have no desire to do so. I don't have any urges to fight, because there are no urges to begin with.

By the way I no longer do natural grounding because I now feel reconditioned. But I also don't watch TV, and avoid any sources of media that provide strong stimuli showing too much skin. It provides no value to my life whatsoever.

Another reported:

(30 Days. I've been doing a lot of natural grounding, less yoga now. I find it actually a more powerful practice for channeling the sexual energy upward. Sooo much energy. I have never felt like this. I can go on 3 hours of sleep (though I'm trying to not allow myself to do this) it is incredible! So with natural grounding, meditation, rentention, and exercise/fresh air.. this has still been cake.. 

The one time I was able to go 2 months without a wet dream or anything was due to natural grounding, btw. It seems not all are able to reap the benefits of the practice immediately, but it resonated with me, and it's quite wonderful. Not to mention the amazing effects it has on sexual presence/looks from the opposite sex.

I just use the videos that come up on youtube at the Natural Grounding website. My favorites being the reel Natural Grounding 2.0 (4 part video). I'll often use my own music, as I am very sensitive to the emotional content of music. I'll play something that gets me relaxed and receptive, and just sit there for however long I feel like it. The key with the practice is the intent. You're not doing is to escape porn, to become better with women, to get a result. Just be with the image you're seeing, and become increasingly related to it; we are forming a relationship (abstractly). When the mind slows down and we can reach a place of meditation with it, we start forming a new picture of women, one that values their natural sexual energy/radiance, as opposed to a socialized view that pornography gives us. In this sense, it is the opposite of pornography, and just as pornography can bring is into infinite new lows and addictions, Natural Grounding seems to be an unlimited practice, with a clearer view of sexuality and heightened states of bliss on love awaiting. Sometimes during the practice I get erections, but they seem to be the very natural spontaneous kind. In relation to the philosophy/science proposed by Marnia's books, it seems that Natural Grounding is a way to produce oxytocin from a bond without having a partner, and in my experience it can be more effective, just because you have control of the variables, and the women in these videos usually have an outwardly loving radiance for the entire video, meaning that the practice is infinite. I was on the track to being forever mediocre with women until finding this practice. Now the issue is that whenever I start doing natural grounding I get a girlfriend which causes me to stop the practice smiley.

Science that may help explain the efficacy of this approach.