Spend Time In Nature

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Exercise can ease porn addiction withdrawal symptoms

Research suggests that time in nature counters the body-image problems that artificial stimuli can cause. See "How being in nature makes us appreciate our bodies and reject unrealistic beauty standards." It can also increase feelings of wellbeing.

I don't know what to call it so "Earth Cuddles" is as good as anything else. Basically I go out each morning before sunrise, jog to a hill, climb up it, sit and watch the sunrise, thank the Earth and creation for my existence and try to connect my body with the Earth. It feels like a big cuddle, so there you go...

A recovering user explains how nature walks helped him:

I use to get up early (6am) and head to the next nearest town which was 5 miles away. I walked along the canals. Walking slowly gave my mind a lot of time to think. Spending time looking within yourself helps you think and get to know yourself. I let my mind drift to whatever it wanted—except pornography. I tried to blank out flashbacks, but if I couldn't, I tried to see all my negative porn energy deep through my body. That's the best I can explain it.

Something strange started to happen. My memory of past events got better—and I mean much better. I started to remember names, emotions and events of my past life. This was invigorating.

When I reach my destination, which took 2-3 hours, I went into the library and got books, or went on the internet for 1 hour (maximum time allowed). Then I walked back home. I did this for 2-3 weeks.

One time, at the end of my first week of rebooting, I had such severe cravings when I left my home (in which I had temporarily blocked my internet access) that I actually intended to buy the reformat CD in the other town and watch porn on my return. However, because I had so much to think on the walk, the craving subsided. This is the reason I actually recommend a long walk!

Other guys:

  • Today I woke up again with a perfectly hard and ultra sensible boner. I was so turned on—not able to calm myself down for about an hour as hard as I tried. The rest of the day it was impossible for me to not think and fantasize about sex almost all of the time, the urge was just too strong. I got worried and moody about it after a while - because I feared that this would set me back in my process. Fortunately I was in control enough to avoid masturbation. I then walked over 6 hours in nature. The urges went away. I returned to home all exhausted in the evening.
  • Before I discovered YBOP, there were only a handful of times in my life I had good sex without ED. The amazing thing is that all of these times came during or right after I had gone on camping trips. There's something very very powerful about being away from tech and in a natural environment that accelerates rewiring in my experience.  I'd estimate that 1 day in the wilderness without PMO and no technology equals ~3 normal no PMO days, at least for me.
  • [Age 19] Day 6 - For the most part, I've became an outdoor person. It's to the point that I piss outside almost everytime, I love being outdoors so much. Soccer and just running and being a big kid outdoors really is helping me out.