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Debunking the realyourbrainonporn ( “Sex Offender Section”: The actual state of the research on porn use and sexual aggression, coercion & violence

Introduction In this sex offender section, if you are concerned about the biased, but increasingly well publicized, views of pro-porn sexologists and their allies, we have news for you. For your convenience, a large team of Porn Science Deniers have now “outed” themselves as an exclusive club. You can find them proudly pictured here in […]

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Relevant Research and Articles About the Studies

Below this long intro are many sub-sections containing relevant studies. Relevant Research – first we have lists of studies that provide support for the claims made by YBOP. (See Questionable & Misleading Studies for highly publicized papers that are not what they claim to be.): Porn/sex addiction? This page lists 57 neuroscience-based studies (MRI, fMRI, […]

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