Is Joshua Grubbs pulling the wool over our eyes with his “perceived porn addiction” research?

UPDATE 2017: A new study (Fernandez et al., 2017) tested and analyzed the CPUI-9, a purported “perceived pornography addiction” questionnaire developed by Joshua Grubbs, and found that it couldn’t accurately assess “actual porn addiction” or “perceived porn addiction” (Do Cyber Pornography Use Inventory-9 Scores Reflect Actual Compulsivity in Internet Pornography Use? Exploring the Role of […]

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Evaluating Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence Model (2019)

YBOP comments: In plain English, this research found (again) that religiosity is NOT associated with believing yourself to be a porn addict (“perceived pornography addiction”). This explodes the meme that Josh Grubbs worked for years to “sell” to the world, that believing oneself an addict is related to religious shame. Grubbs’s CPUI-9 studies and his […]

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Critique of “Is Pornography Use Related to Erectile Functioning? Results From Cross-Sectional and Latent Growth Curve Analyses” (2019)

Introduction: His correlations say one thing, but Joshua Grubbs says another The researcher who saddled humankind with “perceived pornography addiction” and claimed it somehow “functions very differently from other addictions,” has now turned his dexterity to porn-induced ED. Joshua Grubbs’s new paper claims there’s no epidemic of youthful ED, boldly concluding its abstract with: In […]

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Research Suggests the Grubbs, Perry, Wilt, Reid Review is Disingenuous (“Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence: An Integrative Model with a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”, 2018)

The authors of this so-called review would have readers believe that self-identification as a porn addict is a function of religious shame/moral disapproval about porn. They only reviewed a small number of studies, which rely on the CPUI-9, an instrument developed by co-author Grubbs that produces skewed findings. The co-authors carefully omitted or misrepresented opposing […]

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