Withdrawal symptoms

Studies Reporting Withdrawal Symptoms in Porn Users

Pro-porn activists often assert porn addiction is a myth on the theory that compulsive porn users do not experience either tolerance (habituation, escalation) or withdrawal symptoms. Not so. In fact, not only do porn users and clinicians report both tolerance and withdrawal, over 60 studies report findings consistent with escalation of porn use (tolerance), habituation […]

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What drives users of child pornography: A criminologist says that almost anyone who lets his curiosity get the better of him could become an abuser (2019)

Jeremy Prichard | October 28, 2019 | Link to article Child pornography is exploding on the internet. Police and tech platforms are finding it hard to keep up. But finding a solution demands that we understand why people access this vicious kind of material in the first place. MercatorNet interviewed an academic expert on the […]

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Is my fetish porn-induced?

NOTE: This page contains multiple self-reports by people (some of whom are more politically correct than others), who concluded that their porn tastes influenced their sexual tastes after they quit porn and noticed their tastes reverting. These self-reports are taken from porn recovery forums. YBOP excerpts them pretty much as they are, and their authors’ […]

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