Porn Playbook: Deny, Disinform and Defame (video)

 YBOP COMMENTS A big part of the “porn playbook” is defamation and harassment of those who speak about the harms of porn or problems in the porn industry. The most egregious porn industry shill is sexologist and former academic Nicole Prause (mentioned in Gabe’s video). In 2013 former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause began openly […]

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RealYourBrainOnPorn (@BrainOnPorn) tweets, page 2: Daniel Burgess, Nicole Prause & pro-porn allies collaborate on a twitter account to support the porn industry and to harass & defame anyone who speaks about porn’s negative effects

RealYBOP twitter (@BrainOnPorn) and (registered by Daniel Burgess) were developed as tools by Nicole Prause to attack Your Brain on Porn, Gary Wilson, and anyone else who critiques the porn industry or points out the negative effects of porn use. Introduction This is page #2, documenting the second year of RealYBOP tweets. This page […]

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Can watching pornography cause impotence? Dr. David Greenfield, (2019)

Link to article Ask Dr. David Greenfield if there’s a problem with pornography online and he’ll tell you there is – but not for reasons of prudishness or because of arguments against the adult industry per se. Rather, because pornography online – available, anonymously and for free, anytime, anywhere via our cellphones – is giving […]

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