Porn Science Deniers Alliance (AKA: “” and “”)

Table of contents covering Porn Science Deniers Alliance engages in unlawful trademark infringement of At long last, the Alliance (RealYBOP experts) openly functions as an agenda-driven collective RealYBOP experts are being compensated by porn industry giant xHamster to promote its websites and convince users that porn addiction & sex addiction are myths They […]

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Addressing unsupported claims, personal attacks and defamation by Daniel A. Burgess, LMFT (Feb-March, 2018)

INTRODUCTION: Burgess claims victimhood, yet he initiated all contact (Facebook, Twitter), posting numerous defamatory comments, and eventually infringing on YBOP’s trademark by creating “” Prior to February, 2018 I had never heard of Daniel Burgess LMFT. Suddenly, out of nowhere Mr. Burgess (@BurgessTherapy) employed multiple social media platforms to attack me and YBOP. Burgess’s targeted […]

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