Porn industry

Is Nicole Prause Influenced by the Porn Industry?

Introduction Is Nicole Prause Influenced by the Porn Industry? In 2013 former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause began openly harassing, libeling and cyberstalking Gary Wilson. (Prause has not been employed by an academic institution since January, 2015.) Within a short time she also began targeting others, including researchers, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, a former UCLA colleague, […]

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Critique of claims surrounding Steele et al., 2013 (“Sexual Desire, not Hypersexuality, is Related to Neurophysiological Responses Elicited by Sexual Images”)

You can skip the history and go directly to our analysis. HISTORY OF THIS JULY, 2013 CRITIQUE This article was first published in July, 2013 as a reply blog post to a “Psychology Today” blog post featuring an interview with Dr. Nicole Prause, co-author of the EEG study discussed here. On March 6th, 2013, fellow Psychology […]

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sexual aggression research

Studies linking porn use to sexual offending, sexual aggression, and sexual coercion

SECTION #1: Studies linking porn use to sexual offending, sexual aggression, and sexual coercion (listed by date of publication) Facilitating effects of erotica on aggression against women (1978) Rape fantasies as a function of exposure to violent sexual stimuli (1981) Sexual Experiences Survey: A research instrument investigating sexual aggression and victimization (1982) Pornography and Sexual […]

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Withdrawal symptoms

Studies Reporting Withdrawal Symptoms in Porn Users

Pro-porn activists often assert porn addiction is a myth on the theory that compulsive porn users do not experience either tolerance (habituation, escalation) or withdrawal symptoms. Not so. In fact, not only do porn users and clinicians report both tolerance and withdrawal, over 60 studies report findings consistent with escalation of porn use (tolerance), habituation […]

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sex offender

Debunking the realyourbrainonporn ( “Sex Offender Section”: The actual state of the research on porn use and sexual aggression, coercion & violence

Introduction In this sex offender section, if you are concerned about the biased, but increasingly well publicized, views of pro-porn sexologists and their allies, we have news for you. For your convenience, a large team of Porn Science Deniers have now “outed” themselves as an exclusive club. You can find them proudly pictured here in […]

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Critiques of Questionable & Misleading Studies; Debunking Propaganda Pieces

Introduction This section of the site provides critiques of studies and commentaries about which YBOP and others have serious reservations. In some, the methodology raises concerns. In others, the conclusions appear inadequately supported. And, in others, the title or terminology used is misleading given the actual study results. Some grossly misrepresent the real findings. Others […]

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Debunking the debunker: Critique of letter to the editor “Prause et al. (2015) the latest falsification of addiction predictions”

Introduction In various comments, articles and tweets Nicole Prause has claimed that not only did Prause et al., 2015 falsify “a core tenet of the addiction model, the cue reactivity biomarker,” but that “a series of behavioral studies replicated by independent laboratories [falsify] other predictions of the addiction model.” Prause cites her 2016 “Letter to […]

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Can porn use affect memory and concentration?

“Better concentration,” “no more brain fog,” clearer thinking,” and “improved memory” are a few of the most common benefits reported by those who reboot. Here’s one: My mental abilities have only improved in the last year and a half. I’m serious as a heart attack about that. I’m more calm, have improved my musical skills […]

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Your Brain on Porn

Your Brain on Porn Book (2nd edition)

Grudging tribute from the porn/sex industry: Wilson’s book has been an unbeatable Amazon bestseller in the “pornography studies” category since publication. ~ Gustavo Turner, XBIZ: The Industry Source (2021) The Your Brain on Porn book was first published in 2014. Since then it has helped readers to better understand the science of addiction and the […]

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