Thought Replacement Therapy

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Control your thoughts to recover from porn addictionA forum member shared this:

Trying to simply change your mind to something else is not enough. It's a bit more involved then that and here is how you do it (and the way which it was taught to me)

Image your self in any scenario (let's pick one for this example -- giving a formal presentation in front of many people outside on a beautiful day)

1. Once you notice you are having disturbing images of porn, stop and take several deep breaths

2. Imagine yourself standing in front of a podium. Now while your imagining this, you must be VERY vivid with your visualization otherwise it may not be as effective. REALLY feel you are standing in front of the podium with your hands resting gently on top of the podium.

3. Feel your hands on the podium, the texture, the wood..

4. You notice it's a sunny bright day. Feel the wind blowing, the air rushing and touching your face. The sun's rays hitting you. You hear the bird's chirping. You MUST FEEL your entire surrounding at this point and ever single detail associated with it.

5. You notice all the different people looking at you and smiling. They are cheering you on as you are about to give this very exciting presentation speech

6. You start to actually feel the nice suit and pants you are wearing. You notice the crowd is also wearing formal attire. Your co-workers/family/etc. are next to you cheering you on

7. You start to give the speech and in your mind sing the "I pledge of allegiance to the flag" song. You repeat this song 2-3 times and get a huge applaud at the end as you take a bow.

NOW the good thing about this method is not only are you thinking of a single thought but you are actually bombarding your senses with MANY different feelings. You are actually imagining you are in this scenario and that you are giving this speech. By also singing the I Pledge of allegiance, you are once again adding more thought into your head which leaves VERY LITTLE room for anything else -- porn images.. This can actually be a difficult exercise at first (it was for me) as I was trying to think of all this AT THE SAME TIME.. LIKE I WAS REALLY THERE! You REALLY got to put effort into this exercise. This is EXTREMELY effective tool which will occupy your mind and with enough practice, you will get good at it and do it with ease and EASILY change your mind on the spot. You can create different scenarios but the point is to bombard your mind with all the different senses and feelings. (i.e.,) Imaging your there, smelling people's cologne, touching something or looking at something. GO INTO DETAIL!

I have used this several times and I must say it really does change the focus of your mind to something else and because it is not a "single" thought but many, it is very effective. If you notice your going back to the porn images, rinse and repeat and do it all over again until your mind is exhausted.. eventually it will give up and you will get up and find another activity to engage in.


Six months into his reboot, he posted this:

What has helped me immensely in this recovery process is the ability to control my thoughts. I have been suffering from an anxiety disorder and have been a habitual worrier for as long as I can remember (just discovered it after reading a couple of articles and books). Last month I decided to combat this habit of constantly worrying.

I stumbled upon this book with the title The Worry Solution, which talks of how worry and anxiety affect our moods and overall health. The book shows techniques of dealing with various unwanted thoughts using different relaxation techniques.

This book has truly helped me deal with my anxiety attacks and the constant worrying that comes along with these reboot process.