Urologist explains his new research on PIED (11-min video)

Professor Doctor Gunter De Win explains the link between porn consumption and erectile dysfunction in his new research.

3267 subjects from two countries. Around 23% of men under 35 who responded to the survey had some level of erectile dysfunction when having sex with a partner.

There’s no doubt that porn conditions the way we view sex; in our survey, only 65% of men felt that sex with a partner was more exciting than watching porn. In addition, 20% felt that they needed to watch more extreme porn to get the same level of arousal as previously. We believe that the erectile dysfunction problems associated with porn stem from this lack of arousal. … We believe that doctors dealing with erectile dysfunction should also be asking about watching pornography.

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“Men who watch a lot of porn are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction – and a THIRD get more aroused by watching adult films than when having sex themselves” (Daily Mail)