New Documentary THE GREAT FLOP Explores Porn’s Impact on Youth

Sad young man with erectile dysfunction

The Great Flop is a new documentary that sets out to remind people that porn isn’t real life.

We are able to access the internet from any location, and if you can get online, you can find pornographic content.

Because of this previously unimaginable access to sexual content, the pornographic industry quickly became one of the most lucrative on the entire planet. Nevertheless, at what cost?

Pornography is wreaking havoc on young people by raising their sexual expectations to levels that are impossible to meet and leading to an epidemic of sexual disorders.

The documentary sets out to answer what steps we can take to correct the record.

Porn Addiction: The Great Flop premieres Friday, 12 August at 9.20pm on SBS VICELAND

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Director(s): Karina Marceau • Producer(s): PVP Media • Country of production: Canada • Format(s): HD

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You’ve read it before, right? “Porn has been around since ancient times and Internet porn is fundamentally no different.” Some porn users, however, are telling a different story, and it’s one that therapists with porn-using clients need to hear.

The degree and intensity of novel erotica available via tube sites has never been duplicated in mankind’s history, and it appears to be having a dismal effect on sexual health. (Even after giving up porn, guys sometimes go through months of no libido to restore performance.)

  • “I discovered tube sites in 2006. I remember it, VIVIDLY. It was like….porn on steroids, big time. I mean it was WAY hotter than seeking out little 15 second clips, waiting for them to download, then proceeding.”
  • It was only a few years ago that I discovered tube sites, and I think those are the worst for warping your brain.
  • “The tube sites screwed up everything. They changed the history of porn.”

So what is a “tube site?” Full Article