Remojo Podcast: Mary Sharpe & Darryl Mead On Love, Sex And The Internet

Darryl Mead PhD is the Chair of The Reward Foundation, Love, Sex and the Internet, a relationship & sex education charity. He set it up in 2014 with Mary Sharpe who is currently the CEO of the charity. Mary is an Advocate, a Scottish barrister (currently non practising) with experience in criminal law and family law. She has a background in psychology too. For more information visit

The REMOJO podcast discusses the effects of porn on individuals, relationships and society. We interview a variety of fascinating guests about their experiences or opinions of porn. Guests range from behavioural addiction experts to former porn performers. The REMOJO podcast also covers self-development and transformation, helping thousands of men and women to enact positive change in their lives with regards to emotional, mental, physical, sexual and spiritual health.