What about semen leakage?

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Visitors sometimes report unwanted semen leakage (way beyond normal levels), either prior to rebooting or during the early phase of rebooting. It can be very unnerving because it's unfamiliar, and seems like it must be an indication that you need to ejaculate.

I have also noticed "semen leakage", i.e., my underwear is getting dirty from small amounts of semen leakage on a daily basis. I see this as a flatline symptom, associated with the natural recovery process. Previously, this semen leakage phenomenon, when associated with the life-less sensation, would have freaked me out, so trapped I was. I would have interpreted this as I myself being horny and yet unable to hold an erection, or sort of my body wanting to ejaculate and I having no libido and erection to support this "need"!

Other guys said:

  • After the 90-day period of abstinence from porn/masturbation, I noticed that I was more sensitive than before, and that I didn't need any other stimulation to make me horny. Also the semen leakage stopped. I have been the most interested in women and have ended up in bed with them during my experiments with low frequency of masturbation.
  • It took me like 3 weeks to a month to get past 'lifeless penis.' I also experienced semen leakage with the barest of movement. If u do don't be alarmed. The worst part was my lifeless penis. I get erection but when in flaccid state it feels as light as feather and shrinks a little. Today, it has started to improve. My erection still around 90% when erect and 100% morning wood.
  • Negatives: insane brain fog, I was reading a book and it was as if I just couldn't read... Sucks. Semen leakage when urinating.... Sucks
  • Concerning the semen leakage I had : Well, I had no sex thoughts and didn't even have an erection... lol That is the weirdest thing that happens.
  • During this phase I experienced semen leakage and flatline mostly. But after those 21 days, I had my libido back and I was also having frequent morning wood.
  • He said one of the benefits of stopping is no more "semen leakage" during bowel movements.
  • Equally bizarre is that I had a tiny amount of semen leakage last night. I was really hard but not that turned on. I reached down to adjust the covers and I felt something that wasn't water or pee.
  • It's actually amazing, but when you abstain, use lube, and aren't addicted, orgasms feel a million times better than PMOing 4 times a day. I also believe my seminal leakage has stopped which is another positive sign.
  • (2 months no porn, 2 M) How many recoverers are noticing they no longer have urine leakage after urination? No one has ever been able to explain this leakage to me, except by saying it's the shape of the urethra, and that it can be "milked" after urination to stop it, or the PC muscles can be strengthened to help. No matter what I tried I could NEVER stop a fair amount of leakage since I was about 15. Now I'm pretty much cured of this problem. It would be fascinating if any other no-PMOers could confirm this is true for them too. I'm guessing it's concentrated spunk blocking urine flow! Could it really be that simple? If so why has no one thought to say it?
  • I had it real bad for the first month or so, as in maybe 20 times a day! Luckily my discharges went directly to my bladder instead of my shorts. They finally stopped when my body stopped making so much semen. Weird feeling! It was a weird deal, and totally involuntary. I could feel a discharge but the inside of my penis would instantly clench, and the bladder sphincter relax and I could feel it burning as it entered the bladder. A 100 year old medical book identified it as prostatorrhea. I don't know if you could train yourself to do that or not. Lots of guys get a discharge during a bowel movement, too.
  • Since I started MOing in my teens (12-13ish, now 26) I've always had a tendency to PMO with my PC muscles constantly contracted and edge to the point where I'd almost O, then I'd stop stimulating myself until I felt the urge dissipate and continue in that fashion until I finished (essentially always the edge). I have difficulty maintaining an erection unless I'm constantly stimulated, while at the same time, tightening my pelvic muscles. As soon as I stop stimulating myself or relax my PC muscles, I begin to lose my erection. For the last few years I've noticed that I get seminal leakage as well as having a tendency to PE. I just realized I have ED and I PE from constant contraction of PC muscles. Any advice?
  • Yup, had a couple discharges. It's fine.   

We've heard guys say this symptom gradually disappears as the reboot continues. Obviously, anecdotes do not science make, but highspeed Internet porn is a new phenomenon, and it may be that it is increasing ejaculation frequency such that new, related symptoms are appearing.

r/nofap thread on semen leakage

However, an academic urologist said he doesn't think this symptom is related to porn use at all:

Like so many (namely, all) physiological processes, there is a range of semen: seminal output, seminal quality, timing of output, volume, volume from each of the various components, ….  Adolescent males not infrequently—that is, not just a few of them—have seminal drops or several drops from their penis at various times (and some adults also).  These are not necessarily leakage in the terms you seem to allude to or speak of; rather, not all of the seminal fluids and components are produced proximal to the external sphincter (but all are produced distal to or externally of the internal sphincter). What is or can be produced distal to the external sphincter varies in quantity (volume) from male to male—from practically nothing to a few drops (and I am sure somewhere there is some guy who produces more than that).  There is no reason to think that frequent masturbation or ejaculation from any cause increases or decreases this post-sphincter discharge in any given male, or even that the same amount of production occurs from ejaculation to ejaculation (or time period to time period) (or from year to year as males age).

Additionally, the threshold, in fact, all thresholds for every aspect of ejaculation, for stimulation to ejaculation, or to production of seminal components, is different for every male, different from time to time in any male, and changes over the lifetime of most any male.  Additionally additionally (so to speak), many males, and this seems clinically especially true for relatively younger males but not generally to adolescents, not infrequently develop variations of pelvic congestion signs and symptoms, from infrequent or absent ejaculation (not necessarily to absent orgasm).  These include Blue Balls syndrome, prostatodynia, prostatic congestion, risk for prostatitis, perineal discomfort (pressure, burning), dysuria, terminal dysuria, perineal pain with defecation or other pelvic floor muscle manipulations, increased post-sphincter seminal output, and so forth. Sometimes some of these symptoms can be nearly unbearable or at least extremely impairing. Again, every man—and every woman—is different.  And whereas most may well tend to fall within a fairly central range of behavioral expression for any given set of circumstances within their own genetic-environmental development, some do not.

Here's another guy's experience:

[After a trip to his doctor] Over masturbation can cause chronic prostatitis. It seems to me like your prostate is inflamed (prostatitis) if whenever you drop a deuce the poo coming out gets pressed up against your prostate which causes semen leakage. If I were you I would call my doctor and make an appointment tomorrow. I would have him do a simple prostate exam (yes he has to stick his finger up your butt for about 2 seconds). That test will confirm or deny whether your prostate is enlarged. I am kind of vocal on this forum about prostate issues. I myself was recently diagnosed with prostatits. The good news is that I was prescribed medicine and the doc said it should be all good in a couple of months. It's very treatable. http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=6016.msg91210#msg91210

When in doubt, have yourself checked out by a doctor.


I'm wondering from the statements about absent ejaculation leading to symptoms of CPPS/Prostatitits and related issues whether one should really stay 100% abstinent (no masturbation) or whether it would be better to have some regular MO schedule to keep the CPPS symptoms at bay. Or are those symptoms also temporary and part of the withdrawal and not a general problem stemming from abstinence (in case of the later, regular masturbation would actually have health benefits, which seem to be contradictory to what is commonly stated on this site)?

I suggest these two FAQs. Together they cover all this, and more.

The reality is that masturbation is associated with an increase in prostate problems. From The Archives of Sexual Behavior - Masturbation is Related to Psychopathology and Prostate Dysfunction: Comment on Quinsey (2012)

CPPS symptoms are not a normal rebooting symptom. I can only remember one or two guys describing such symptoms.

You can read urologists opinion of ejaculation under the above FAQ. If you think abstinence will cause problems, don't do it. There are no rules.

Keep in mind, abstinence is only temporary, and only truly necessary if you have ED. If you have ED, and are ejaculating during a reboot - know that it will take longer to recover. So be patient.

Day 72, All I can say is that i am recovering faster (after may be 15 yrs of this habit) Am 30 now and am looking at life from a different angle compared to what i was few months back.I am so thankful to god and you guys that i understood what my problem was. However semen leakage is an issue; it shows how weak (my nerves and I) i have become after years of Fapping. I honestly believe that the nerves controlling these things have become desensitized and am planning to check after six months (the same thing is true for opposite sex as well). One has to unlearn to masturbate to return to their full potential.Better to get rid of these problems before you start a new phase in life. All i can say is that stimulation of any kind/sort becomes addiction and this can destroy our body. Abstinence is the only way to get out of addiction and restore ourselves. I hope young people do not get into such things like me. However i am sure many of them will fall into such trap and doctors will continue to say the same thing about it.

I have often wrestled with what seminal leakage is, and at has always made me cave in thinking my body needed to ejaculate. I would always get to a certain point doing really well not viewing porn, and then I would have leakage during a bowl movement or randomly and then think I was damaging my body or stressing my prostate. A million thank you's for this post, now I know what is normal and can fight through this phase or rebooting!