What about shy bladder (paruresis)?

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We have no idea if addiction contributes to this phenomenon or not, but here are some things guys said:

Hey man I have the same thing. Can't piss when there are other people (strangers) around. Same feeling, like you're letting your guard down or something and other people are waiting for you to fail at pissing. This is actually a common problem called 'paruresis' and you can find some very nice videos from guys who dared to talk about it on youtube. There are actually techniques that you can use to force yourself to start pissing by holding your breath (search for 'breath holding technique'). In an earlier rebooting attempt I was in week 4 or something and I was starting to feel like I would be able to piss in public if I had to. I still didn't, but there was this growing feeling of "don't give a f*ck".

I had some annoyance today, whenever I try to piss next to another guy after recent orgasm I can't. Don't laugh because I swear it is the reason! It is only a problem when orgasm was in the last few days. Otherwise I could stand back and arch the stream! LOL

Paruresis ( /ˌpɑrəˈriːsɪs/ par-ə-ree-sis) is a type of phobia in which the sufferer is unable to urinate in the (real or imaginary) presence of others, such as in a public restroom. ~ Wikipedia

I don’t know, it could just be coincidental. But for ten years I’ve been queuing up in public restrooms to pee in a cubicle, and then two months into my nofap, I’m more confident, I’m feeling like a man, I’m looking people in the eye, and I’m standing at a urinal, peeing in front of a total stranger, while having a conversation with him! WTF mate? Link to thread

So today I just entered the stall and was about to do my business and I heard girl come in. Usually I would stand there like an idiot and wait for her to leave, but now I just relaxed and took care of my business. I am so happy, I mean I'm sure I'll struggle with this for some time ahead, but at least now I have hope nofap will help me to get rid of this stupid anxiety to pee in public places.

Go to this website and check out the forum. Tons of information. You will need to create an account. http://www.paruresis.org/

[This guy believes his temporary paruresis was related to NoFap - although he was very pleased with his progress overall]

"About 4 months into my nofap journey, I began to develop a moderate case of Paruresis (shy bladder). Basically it’s extremely difficult for me to take a piss in a public bathroom, even when I really need to go. After my fapping today, I intentionally went to the busiest bathroom at my university and successfully took a piss. I believe nofap is in some way related to my Paruresis." Read his 160-day report.

Since puberty I have had a 'bashful bladder'. I can't piss in a urinal if there's a dude next to me. Or even a couple of pots down, I need space. I avoid urinals for this reason.

Today I was forced to use a urinal, had just got my cock out when a guy stands right next to me. Usually this would be game over for me. I felt the panic rise, I prepared to abort ( basically you have two options: stand there like a goose until conditions improve or pretend you finished already and zip up) but actually the piss came anyway. I wasn't expecting it to at all.

Again, I don't know if it's nofap related. Maybe I am feeling better self-esteem wise and I don't feel intimidated in this situation anymore. Maybe it was a one off. Maybe I just grew out of it. Who knows. Just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone else has improved this way. bashful bladder improvement?

[Response from another]

Yeah, when I'm on a streak, I don't give a shit if someone is right next to me.

But if someone is right next to me and I've been PMOing, I feel so anxious and can't go.

It's so weird. It's not rational. In theory, I don't give a shit but then at the same time, when I'm in that moment, I'm like "OMG I hate this!" But yeah, this stuff runs deep in the brain. I have no explanation at all other than the same thing happens to me. When I'm on nofap, it goes away.