Women's brains are sensitive to overstimulation too

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As one woman said:

Vibrator and porn use can decrease women's pleasure responseYep, vibrator-use can absolutely desensitize a woman. I started using one in college, thinking I was a modern, sexually-empowered woman, and couldn't believe how effectively it got the job done. It worked TOO well. I quickly found that within a month, I could no longer orgasm with my boyfriend, and a few months after that, I couldn't even do it with my own hand any longer. The vibrator went in the trash and my responsiveness came back in few weeks. It's funny, but even now, a decade later, I still sometimes miss the intense stimulation. However, I definitely do not miss having the sexual responsiveness of a rock.

I've stayed away from internet porn for the same reason—it's too stimulating and I know I would quickly get hooked. I tried masturbating to it once, and I literally came in less than one minute (not at all like real life!), the stimulation was so intense. Real-life sex will never be able to measure up to that. Perhaps I am just one of those people who easily gets hooked on dopamine surges, but I know myself well. If I started regularly using internet porn, I would end up as one of those people who can no longer get turned on without it. No thanks. I try to keep my sex-life organic.