Working Memory Training

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post-itSaid a forum member:

I was heavily involved in the Working Memory & N-back +lumosity community, + posting at the forums on .

N-back currently is the best known way to improve one's working memory. They have tons of different modalities and levels that adjust to how well your memory is. I recommend playing at least 20 sessions a day and you'll see nice results.

'Simon' the electronic game is also a great way to improve memory.
I did the N-back training on and off for about 5 or 6 months. I saw a lot of results felt a lot smarter and less dense. Visit

Increased memory is supposed to also cure ADHD (if you have it).

There are tons of forums and articles out there about this. [See "Training the Brain to Avoid Temptation" below, showing benefit to addicts specifically.] Basically the WM community is a nice community working to get each other better at memorizing things. There are various threads on how the world would be a better place if the average person was smarter and had better short-term memory. One reason people get frustrated is they forget things too quickly, and the weaker a person's short-term memory is. the quicker they'll basically give up and go into a shell (or scream their head off at somebody), instead of holding an intelligent conversation. )