YBOP is available in multiple Indian languages!

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These new translations into various Indian languages join a dozen other translations of Your Brain on Porn already for sale.

YBOP has partnered with KukuFM, the leading audio book provider in India. Marathi and Bengali should be available shortly. We are pleased to offer the book in Telugu, Tamil. Hindi and Malayalam.


The first full-length audio book is now in Hindi.

Hindi Your Brain on Porn KukuFM

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You could start with the Bytes 12-minutes version

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KukuFM review Hindi YBOP


Learn about the Your Brain on Porn Book Summary-அ Kuku FM App-ல கேட்டு Porn பத்தி தெரிஞ்சுக்கோங்க.

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The book summarised in one hour

Tamil book summary KukuFM YBOP

RJ Ananthi gives a really interesting and detailed review,

Your Brain on Porn Tamil Book Summary review RJ Ananthi

Key ideas in just 12 minutes.

Tamil Audio Your Brain on Porn


Five stars from Rama Krishna


Malayāḷaṁ മലയാളം

malayāḷaṁ audio Your Brain on Porn

malayāḷaṁമലയാളം review Ershad Ershad