So I took a yoga class…. (post on r/nofap)

Class consists of 9 girls and me. I though that the hardest part will be doing some hard figures (or stances, don’t know how it’s called), because I am not so much flexible. That’s exactly what I said to my instructor.

Well, I have never been so wrong, the hardest part was my “tool”, during whole lesson. Good for me I was in the most back line, so only instructor (female) realizes what the “hard part” really meant. After lesson she said that it’s okay, that we are all human beings. She suggested with smile that I should “relieve myself” so I won’t have this problem on the future lessons. I replied that I am not gonna do it, that I quit it long time ago. She looked at me really incredibly, her expression was something like “WOW, you must be the chosen one”, and she offered me a free ticket on her next lesson.

NoFap for the win 🙂

So I took yoga class … from NoFap