humour the more porn you watch

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Cartoon of Me, Pornhub and Life Goals

Cartoon about porn by

From the Toronto BlueJays baseball team:

T-shirt of Blue Jays. 1 BJ is always better then 9 Yanks


Cartoon of parent and child chat about porn


Cartoon diagram of the place of jerking off in my life


Cartoon of children in bedroom watching porn on laptop while mum calls from outside

Joke showing trees representing penis, looking daily at porn and after 8 days of NoFap


Diagram showing relationship between happiness and number of pmo (porn, masturbation, orgasm) sessions per day

visual joke 1990's porn "dude I see a nipple"




Cartoon of Sex Ed class designed to keep young people interested in porn and gaming so they stay virgins



Visual joke showing the face you made when you found about internet porn


Joke of graphs showing Amount of porn you watch


Cartoon showing fake identities of cyber sex participants



Addictions are interrelated. Cartoon humor showing the masturbation free day


Mind-reading chicken thinking about porn



Cartoon "let's see how you like not playing with your balls for a week"


Porn addiction humor A red head walks into a bar - what the fuck is wrong with me?