1 year ago – I was an idiot thinking nofap was placebo

1 year ago:

Wake up at 10am.


Waste 6hours on the computer.


1 hour hot shower.

Waste 6 more hours on the computer.


Go to sleep at midnight,


Wake up at 6am.

5 mins of aerobics. 10 mins of meditation.


“Waste” 4 hours on schoolwork.

Clean my room.

“Waste” 2 more hours on extra schoolwork.

“Waste” 1 hour reading a book about pornography.


“Waste” 2 hours on more extra schoolwork.

1 hour : Workout + Cold Shower.

2 hours playing online game with friends (who have my last year program)

15 mins on r/nofap

15 mins yoga+ meditation.

Go to sleep at 10 pm.


I was an idiot thinking nofap was placebo 1 year ago. I found out about it from the worst place possible (bodybuilding.com), where people kept claiming its bullshit and I quickly forgot about the whole idea of abstinence. Luckily, I found it again 5 months after.(Thanks to this wonderful sub)

This year is very important academically-wise, and, believe me, the grade improvements are obvious. I kept asking stupid questions in class, but now I am among the best. My teachers thought I was a complete idiot. Can’t wait to get out of the flatline and really enjoy the benefits (even in the flatline, I’m happier than 1 year ago). Mood swings are still here, sometimes I question my nofap effort and think of relapse, but sometimes my life feels so awesome that I’d live it forever.

Keep going guys! Good times ahead!

LINK – My weekend now vs My weekend 1 year ago

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