1 year – ED, laziness, back pain gone. Much more productive, emotional, focused, motivated, talkative, and engaging.

Before I stumbled upon NoFap one year ago, I was fapping 1-3 times a day, yes, that was 365 – 1095 times a year for around 20 years.

After reading posts, and exploring more, and putting in hard work, I’ve lowered that frequency. Here are my one year stats since I started this journey- please note I got better every month, with some binges in-between, so my averages are higher than my recent months.

Yearly Fapping Average: 7 days a month/11 ejaculations a month, so cut my daily sessions by 75% and when I do fap it’s under 2 times a day. That’s one fap every 4 days as opposed to every day. Doesn’t sound like much, but many of you should know how it is an accomplishment for someone like me. In reality, I usually can go 1-3 weeks, and then binge for 1-4 days. But my body and mind don’t fall into the Living Hell like it used to because the days off really help the brain and energy levels.

Best streak: 60 days

Average Top Streak length per month: 15 days

Negative streak (fapping days in a row): 7 days, only once

Average negative streak: 3 days instead of every day.

So how am I? Well, I am much more productive, emotional, focused, motivated, talkative, and engaging.

I’ve been studying YourBrainonPorn, InnerGold, YourBrainRebalanced, YouTube videos from members here, RecoveryNation, CandeoBehaviorChange, Zen Buddhism, Alan Watts, Anthony Robbins, and other topics. Getting the right mindset and meditating has helped.

I’ve been strengthening my prefrontal cortex by doing all the math subjects on Khan’s Academy and learning Javascript from CodeAcademy and a text book.

Since I’m not fapping all the time or thinking about escorts/massage parlors/craigslist guys or gals, etc. I’m actually exercising 5 days a week. Equally importantly, I’m eating right- have phased out junk food and focus on getting the right foods in my system.

I sleep around 7+ hours the same time every night. No more feeling excitable.

Oh, and I was suffering from ED, but it’s working just fine now, thank you. 🙂 Sex is normal.

Laziness? Gone. Backpain? Gone. Dried skin? Gone.

LINK – One Year Report

by lumberhulk