1 year – I can get very aroused and have great sex without dysfunction, many other benefits

After doing this on and off for about a year with some longer stretches, here are some things I’ve found helpful about this program:

  • Sex life with the GF is healthy again. I can get very aroused and have great sex without dysfunction due to overstimulation. 🙂
  • My house is cleaner. i seem to care about the presentation/orginization of things more and/or I’m not ashamed of presenting myself and representations of myself as much anymore.
  • BIGGEST change- managing time! Without the handicaps of long, drawn-out, unscheduled fap sessions I have these perfect segments of time to utilize in a productive manner. One of the biggest things I was using PMO for was avoidance. I was putting everything and anything off. Now I happily chip away at different tasks that I can take my sweet little time with since I didn’t put it off till the last second as per usual.
  • Energy- This is not an exact science, but I do feel more vital and clear throughout the day. Before I would walk around with a thick glaze of fog in my eyes, unimpressed and unenthused with everything around me. It sounds a little strange, but it felt like I was trapped or shoved into a box when I frequently PMO’d. Now my movements feel unrestrained and free- unimpeded by some shameful feeling that I don’t deserve to move about as I like or that I fell weird in my own body.
  • A decrease in negative thought patterns, or a better control over recognizing their root and being able to let it go. This could have something to do with my more frequent meditations, but I find my ability to go deeper and erase unwanted ram on my hardrive easier without the addition of fapping as an unwanted habit weighing me down.
  • Will power increased in all areas. Some people have the idea that everyone possesses their own vices in some form or another. This may be true, but I’ve found that I can better fend off my other major vices by being successful with nofap. I still probably hit it too hard on the caffeine, but for me it really aids in the gym and with work/schoolwork.
  • I’ve always had a lot of social anxiety, and while I still experience it everyday, I will say that the amount of anxiety has decreased. I’m not Ryan Gosling, but I can be more spontaneous and enthusiastic in conversation without second-guessing myself all the time.
  • I find that my emotions can be easily aroused by sentimental things I see in life or in films. I’m more in touch with emotions, okay? You wanna fight about it?
  • I feel more comfortable being in command. I seems more natural to take a leadership role, but this could very well be my own biased interpretation.
  • I’ve adopted a less selfish approach to life. It sounds weird and fiendish, but I used to heavily guard my alone time- mostly so I could retreat to the fap dungeon and just zone for hours at a time. I can now take a genuine interest in other people without seeming like a big fat phony because I’m only half-listening.
  • I go outside more. Outside is cool 🙂
  • More solid emotional state. Probably due to the massive dopamine release, I felt like a manic-depressive with all the mood swings and dependence. It’s nice to be more stable and more optimistic about this fucked up world we live in.

That’s all I can think of off the top of the dome. If I think of anything else I’ll make a nifty little ninja edit later on. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and good luck with your chosen path guys and girls!

LINK – A 40 Day Reflection

 by freedmni