1 year – I feel happy and make better decisions. I have a wonderful relationship.

This has been one heck of a journey, starting a little over a year ago I stumbled upon this beautiful community with all the encouragement and perseverance a guy could ask for when confronting such a difficult challenge such as this. If it wasn’t for the help of the community here, at times, I would most likely not be where I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful. To those who are still struggling, look to the community for guidance and help. For those who are on their way to reaching that 1 year mark, keep going strong! I thank all of you for the support. Never stop trying, I know I wont. Life changes after you stop fapping. I am the proof.

To the request of a comment, Ill add milestones or something different about myself that I noticed along the way.

First week – After the last relapse, I was determined that this time I would make my first goal, a month.

First month- I was happy that I finally reached that goal. Getting there was tough… lots of temptations and lots of close calls, but keeping yourself busy is the best thing to do by my book. That and cold showers (they are so cold… so cold). I noticed that I was a little more happy and care free with the world and how it worked. Told my girlfriend about the whole nofap thing and she was a little confused about it, but still supported my decision.

Second month– I had some hard days (although only a senior in high school, some days were exhausting… almost slipped a couple of times but cold showers and this community saved me… also discovered the power of busy work to take one’s mind off of things).

Sixth month- I noticed that my sexual drive had increased and my view of women was changing. No longer did I put them on the pedestal to view them as a thing to be attained, instead I respected their individuality and appreciated them for who they were, not what they looked like. All around I was happier and things that used to bother me now seemed petty. Confidence was a huge thing I learned, also a lot of self control.

Seventh month– honestly, I forgot about checking NoFap and just didn’t even think about masturbating at all… I didn’t care to see porn nor did I care to pleasure myself in that manner. But the most important part is that I finally understood the power of NoFap, I felt free and thus my confidence was boosted, which effected everything I did in a certain manner, all for the better.

1 year– Here I am, I just so happened to see a NoFap post on my front page and it reminded me to check the counter, what a coincidence. Overall, I feel happy and I think I make better decisions without having to consult the other head. I have a wonderful relationship. I don’t feel like I have to be a shamed of anything on my internet history (except the occasional reddit post, but no shame in looking at the menu but not ordering if you know what I mean). I have totally disconnected myself from porn. Life is good. Plus I have a rocket ship for my counter now, so that is pretty neat. Screw that smiley face.

LINK – I did it. 365 days and I am free.

by ninjali96