1 year – Major paradigm shift, improved erections, relationships, energy, & mental stability

Aside from the ego boost, I wanted to post this to point out that it takes everyone different amounts of time to make it far in this challenge. I just today completed my first 100 days hardmode, no fantasy, no MO streak, along with cold showers for about 4-5 months (which has been going on longer than this streak).

I began rebooting in November 2012 and noticed the so-called “superpowers” after about 2 weeks of it. That convinced me this is real and I’ve been committed since that experience.

However, it has taken me more than a year to get to this point. There are people who can do it cold turkey on their first attempt, and people who need more than two years to really get over it. Each situation is unique, based on how we use porn to cope with emotional problems, so I knew going in that I’d need extra time. Don’t compare yourself to other people.

Let’s talk about what everyone wants to hear about, the benefits:

Diminishing Social Anxiety– I say diminishing because REBOOTING IS NOT A LINEAR PROCESS. There are ups and downs, and they tend to level out the further out you get. Getting disheartened that the process isn’t working is mostly your id (sexual impulses) finding a way to trick you back into PMO (porn-masturbation-orgasm). I got disheartened on day 82 once and went all the way back to square one for it.

Improved Erectile Function– This hasn’t happened in the entire time I’ve been rebooting until recently. Erections just started flaring up out of nowhere. I’ve never experienced something like that just sitting next to an attractive girl, but it’s happening now, which is cool/incredibly awkward. I remember once when I got to a point that I couldn’t even finish to P…

Improved Interpersonal Relationships– I didn’t think I’d need Nofap for the social benefits because I’ve always been compulsively social. I saw a guy’s post on here recently who felt the same, but said his past social connections were actually quite superficial even though he had many of them, whereas since he started Nofap, he’s been seeking deeper connections. Ditto, I want to see and connect with friends that I enjoy being with.

Heightened Energy– I’ve been going to the gym almost non-stop for a couple months now, along with regular meditation and cold showers. This is a killer combo, can’t recommend it more.

Improved Mental Stability– Again, this comes and goes (especially earlier on, withdrawals SUCK), but it levels out gradually. You become fairly resistant to depression and anxiety, and people seem to want to engage you more often.

Major Paradigm Shift– I just like those words, it makes it sound important and it is. I wouldn’t be living where I am now working towards my career, if I didn’t do this. My entire perception of the world has changed because I stopped watching P. The best way to sum it up is: I felt like I was watching my life from a distance and letting it happen to me, and now I feel like an active participant; I’m happening to life.

Pretty cool huh? I’d recommend going on yourbrainonporn.com to get more info and read up on some objective info about porn addiction. http://www.reddit.com/r/nofap is also a great resource, I lurk there all the time.

Nofap isn’t about sex, it’s about much more than that. Sexual energy isn’t just about sex, haven’t you read any Freudian literature?

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