1 year – more creative, energetic & happy, less shyness, relationships improved

I just noticed it has been more than one year since I discovered /r/NoFap. So I decided to write something about my journey.

I was trying to stop PMO since I discovered It’s sin (I’m Christian). I had no idea that it’s more than sin. It literally destroys people.

Until I discovered this subreddit I had very bad time abstaining. I was relapsing several times per week. I managed to last much longer only two times.

Then I discovered this awesome community and used it as a great tool to combat my addiction. During last year I relapsed only about 20-30 times. I had few long streaks (about one month). I had also difficulties during summer but they will pass. I’m sure.

Effects I noticed:

  • I’m more happy on average. I have bad days sometimes but they pass quickly.
  • I feel more creative. I often do new projects and other stuff.
  • I have very little shyness. I have no problem getting to know someone new and talk about anything.
  • I’m myself more. I’m more willing to admit my mistakes and weaknesses. Also I’m less reluctant to talk about some topics. I can express some emotions more freely.
  • My relationships improved. I pay more attention to communicate without angering/insulting people. People respond to me better. It’s easier to get people agree with me on difficult topics.
  • I’m less obsessed with girls (excluding really awesome girls :))
  • Naturally beautiful girls attract me more than artificially attractive ones.
  • I feel more energetic.
  • Right now I feel great! 🙂

TL;DR My life significantly improved while on NoFap. It is worth it! If you are considering it give it a try.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Have a successful day brothers and sisters! 🙂

LINK – One year since discovering /r/NoFap

by Oeneo