1 Year – More energy & motivation, Greater confidence, Happier, More love compassion & empathy towards others


This is it! This is a big lifestyle change that I’m so grateful for. To everyone on here, to the believers and non-believers… this is REAL. It’s been a year and I can honestly say I’m so proud of myself. it’s not even that I’m just proud, I’m Thankful & Grateful that I was shown this, god willingly through others I’m progressing.


  • People Attraction (Male, Female, Family, Friends, Coworkers, Strangers, Etc.)
  • Stronger Mindset (Peace Of Mind)
  • More Energy
  • Developed more willpower
  • Happiness
  • More Confidence
  • More Love, Compassion, & Empathy towards others.
  • Increased Patience
  • Motivation to achieve more things.

These are all the same benefits I’ve obtained even a couple of months into NoFap but now these benefits feel even greater. I feel like I have to tell people this is the truth & progress doesn’t happen overnight… it takes time but I also feel like instead of counting the days, make this a lifestyle so you don’t have to worry about days… its better that way.

This website has helped me so much and it’s unexplainable how much I changed in just one year. When you know you don’t need a site to help you with your addiction anymore, you know you’ve made a big mark, not only in your progress of achieving your goal but in your life in general! It’s a wonderful thing.

People give up easily and the thing about this journey is you cannot give up, no matter how many times you fall or how hard it seems. What if I gave up 9 months ago? I wouldn’t be in this level of mindset I have now. I’m not just doing this for the attraction, increased athletic performance,bconfidence,…. I did this for my spirit, I did this for my soul… everything else come’s next. I think that right there helped me to get where I’m at now because my intentions on growing were always good. Do it for yourself! Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself!

I’ve been celibate for over a year now and I feel great. wet dreams are natural, temper tantrums are natural, flatlines are natural but they soon start to fade… you’ll have more of an understanding on who you are when you realize I don’t need to masturbate or watch porn,… I need ME!

I’m the Indian over the hill telling you that this is real, whether I have 365 days, 8 days, or 92 days , this absolutely works . Eating healthy, going back to boxing, speaking Spanish more fluently (I am Spanish and I understand everything, i can read and write but I can’t speak too fluent but now I’m practicing and taking classes and I’m progressing so much…even my parents are impressed) In the gym, reading the bible and books, more focused on my music now (producing beats) but this leads me to say that I have more motivation & confidence to achieve and accomplish new things!

This is just the first lap of the victory road, this is a lifestyle change. If I changed so much in 1 year, can you imagine in 3? It’s always a mindset and if your mindset ain’t right, there is no glory …

3 BIG Tips (Tricks) to success in NoFap

1. Meditation
2 . Eating Healthy
3 . Having A HOBBY ( This is a big one)

I will not be returning to this site BUT I want to say thank you to the NoFAP staff, members, supporters, etc. etc. You’ve helped me so much in this big lifestyle change & even though we made of had disagreements,fun,good times,bad times, I am and will always be appreciative !

Remember, the glory road is always towards the end ! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ! Never Give Up ! Patience is Key ! God Is Love .

Goodbye …

LINK – 1 Year Of NoFap ! Thank You & Goodbye

by I Free I