1 year – Much less depression, Way more energy, Enjoy life much more!

So there it is. 90 days. I discovered NoFap while I was looking for new years resolutions. It changed my life. Seriously.

I want to keep this short, because you all know the effects NoFap can have. I was in a severe depression, and, even though I often thought that my depression was over, it feels much more certain now.

This night, I had my 3rd wet dream during the challenge.

And believe me, I prefer waking up at 3 am with cum in my pants that I have to clean afterwards, instead of wasting all my energy and time in fapping multiple times a day.

I still don’t know if my depression could come back soon or not. But right now, I really feel happy, and this challenge is definitely not over yet!

So thank you guys, for your posts, comments, and support. It absolutely helped me, and the imgur pictures often made my day, and made me think why I should continue with this challenge.

I hope I can post soon sth. about how I overcame my loneliness, but that will still take some time I think :/

Have a nice evening (for all the Europeans out there) / a nice day!

LINK – 90 days challenge – report

by Methylium



[FR] Ideas/thoughts after 1 year

Hey guys!

I started 2014-01-01 and, I must say, it looks great, the little rocket 😀

Here are my thoughts:

Why did I NoFap?

  • I was tired of PMO (same symptoms as described here) while all my friends bragged about their private/sex life.
  • I was tired of being single and feeling depressed.
  • I wanted to get these superpowers.

Personal benefits

  • Way more energy, everywhere! You know Brucie from GTA IV? I sometimes feel the same 😀
  • Less depressed (even though I still had some depressions, but less than the years before), started to enjoy life much more!
  • I discovered /r/seduction. Not trying to become a pickup artist, but there are a lot of great tips on how to become more self-confident.

What’s left?

  • I’m still single 😀
  • Boredom is very dangerous. If you have a job or a lot of work to do – no problem, but during vacation, it’s hell.
  • Is NoFap a Placebo? (Maybe girls noticed us even before NoFap, and we just didn’t notice it?) I’m still not sure, but in the end, I don’t care. We just need to get out of our comfort zone.

The community in this subreddit is great! The posts are motivational, thought provoking, funny, and are definitely a reason why I came so far.

Greetings from Europe! Best wishes for 2015 =)