1 year – Sex feels amazing now, much better than it did in my previous relationships

So I just passed my next milestone: one full year! I posted a 90 day report a while back at http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/1cycfc/90_day_report_my_journey/. I haven’t seen very many updates past 90 days, and I wanted to post an update on how my nofap experience has been since then.

Before 90 days, I went through a whole bunch of different phases between flatlining and being incredibly horny. The first week or so sucks. There is no denying that. I was thinking about fapping all the time and just had to resist. I really had to focus to make it through that week and felt like crap the whole time. When I make it past the first week or two it felt great. The urge to fap slowly went away and I felt liberated. However, around day 20 or so I entered the dreaded flatline.

The flatlining was kind of scary. I basically felt nothing sexual during that time. I didn’t have an urge to fap, but I also didn’t feel any attraction to girls in real life. I stuck with it since everyone on here said it would go away and it did. For me it lasted about a month (days 20-50ish) and hasn’t come back since. The period after that was really intense, and I was incredibly horny. I’ll never forget one day shortly after the flatline ended where I got a boner from just seeing a girl that didn’t go away for several hours. By that time, it wasn’t too hard to resist fapping. While I got extremely aroused, I rarely actually got an urge to fap. There were times when I came close to relapsing, but they were pretty easy to avoid and they were nowhere near the urges that I remember having in the first week or two. The horniness was extreme at the start but slowly died out. After day 90 or so I felt like I had reached a reasonable state, and it has plateaued around there ever since. Now, when I see a beautiful girl, I definitely feel an attraction, but I don’t get crazy boners. It feels natural.

I had quite a few wet dreams around the time that I started nofap but those have tapered off as well. I can’t remember the last one, it must have been a few months ago at least.

I have no desire to fap anymore. Fapping seems really weird. Over the course of a year, I have definitely stumbled onto porn many times by accident. Whether it is on the internet or in movies, it is impossible to avoid seeing naked people altogether. I think that random porn is really a huge danger for many nofappers, especially around days 50-90. I’m quite good with computers, and filters have never worked for me since I always know what they are doing and how to get around them. I had to rely on self control. Going on reddit was very dangerous. At the start, I really focused on never letting porn show up on my screen, since I knew that I was prone to relapse. Now, while I may get aroused by some pornographic photos that I accidentally stumble across, I don’t have any desire to masturbate. The idea of jerking off just doesn’t cross my mind at all. I really had to be careful for the first while, but I’ve reached a point where masturbating feels like it would be a chore.

I don’t believe in the “superpowers”. If you go in with the expectation that you are going to be a god with the ladies in a week, then you aren’t going to get anything out of nofap. You need to work on improving yourself. I shifted my bedtime to an earlier time over the past year, I have been exercising more and I have significantly decreased the amount of time that I spend on the internet. Overall I am much happier where I am in life now than where I was a year ago.

I had some major changes in my life over the past year (graduating from university and moving all over the place) and wasn’t dating for most of it. I started dating again a few months ago, and I’ve got myself a girlfriend now. One disadvantage of nofap is that you get VERY sensitive when you are with a girl and haven’t come in months. I came in my pants the first couple times that I tried to do anything in bed with her. I was a bit embarrassed, but I told her that the reason was that I hadn’t jerked off in a year. She just laughed, thought I was a bit crazy, but was totally fine with it. I got back to normal after a few times. Some people suggest rubbing one off before a date, but that just seems like a good way to relapse to me. I think that most girls/guys will be fine with you taking a few times to get your mojo back. Just make sure that you know of other ways to pleasure her/him! Sex feels amazing now, much better than it did in my previous relationships when I was fapping regularly.

I said in my last update that I was going to continue nofap for as long as I can, and that plan hasn’t changed at all. I don’t even think about fapping any more, and it feels like it would be a chore to start fapping again. I remember feeling so shameful back when I fapped, and being afraid that someone would walk in on me. It feels great to be free!

I tried to write this update without sensationalizing to provide an accurate description of what a year of nofap feels like. I wouldn’t have made it this far without being able to come read inspiring stories on this subreddit, and I want to thank all of you for your inspiring stories. Nofap has been a great experience and I highly recommend it!

TLDR: Nofap is hard at first, but it just gets better and easier!

LINK – One Year Report!

by bobzw