1 year – small steps lead to something great

Almost a year later and I feel like I should share some stuff with you guys.

Just as a note: I used to hate when people fed me bullshit about how to get better because it felt like they were talking down to me so don’t take any of my experiences as direct advice. These are simply my thoughts regarding the recovery process that are still ongoing and will continue to be ongoing until I no longer even need to think about PMO (if such a state exists).

One could argue that this addiction is the hardest to overcome precisely because people don’t recognize it as a problem. We are surrounded by stigmas that suggest that PMO and its perverse industry are normal. Just take a look at Pornhub’s attempts to blatantly market itself in the mainstream media with advertisements on Time Square, promotions for breast cancer, planting trees for porn views, etc. We are living in a time period where not many people understand the debilitating effects that this lifestyle can lead to.

Do not focus on failing Its difficult but that’s the nature of overcoming an addiction (which is what pornography should rightfully be called). Instead, focus on the fact that everyday you stop yourself from engaging in those activities you are one step closer to regaining your manhood and reaching your full potential.

Forget superpowers You should focus on the fact that everyday that you are conquering this addiction you are one step closer to addressing the deeper problem. Make no mistake, PMO is only masking the real issue that you need to address. For me it was interia and laziness. I had no interest to engage with others or take the first step towards something new. Looking back I turned to PMO because it was easy and required no effort. This manifested itself into a snowball of apathy and disregard for anything that required me to step out of my comfort zone. Once you find that issue and address it, you have taken a step in the right direction. You have come face first with a personal fear and that is something that not many people can do. So instead of obsessing over superpowers or some kind of new-found male bravado (which may or may not come with the process), focus on the fact that everyday that you tackle this problem you’re life has marginally improved. Eventually all those smalls steps you take will add up to something great.

You might notice that a common theme I had was the “small steps lead to something great”. Rarely do things come in big chucks. I quit on my first try only because I was able to tackle PMO one day at a time.

I’m confident that you guys can do the same.

LINK – A Year Later

by redstar2