10 months – I just feel like a better version of myself, kind of a 2.0 or something.

Exactly 10 months on August 1st.

How do I feel? Pretty good, I guess.

Which streak am I on? This is my first one.

Hardmode? No, but had some periods of hardmode. Currently over 90 days hardmode.

What benefits do I feel? The usual ones.

Any advice I can give? Steer clear of anything that will make you want to fap, focus on developing your life, stay happy and positive, and don’t be afraid to be bold or to fail.

Last thoughts: I’m to the point where I no longer use NoFap anymore. I come on here to help others every now and then, but I don’t use it for myself. Honestly, for myself I really shouldn’t be spending any time on reddit or much on the internet, since I have so many important projects I should be working on.

I think for the next 2 months (likely starting at the beginning of next month) I’m going to go completely cold turkey from reddit, much like I did with PMO. When I made the commitment to stop fapping on October 1, 2013, I stuck to it and that was the end of the discussion. This is where you get after 300 days of staying convicted to your goals. I think if I do this again with other areas of life, I will achieve great things! I’ll be around for the next couple days, then I’ll be back in 2 months and probably say goodbye forever.

Best of luck to you all! Thank you for being such a wonderful community and a great to me and others. Feel free to ask me anything before I hit the road.

LINK – 300 days of NoFap

by gentleman_jones

The benefits I’ve felt are pretty consistent to those that people mention:

  • Increased confidence
  • More energy (though I feel this also is highly dependent on diet, sleep, and exercise)
  • More productivity (with all the extra time not fapping, you’d be surprised how much you can get done)
  • More attention from women (I carry myself like I have nothing to hide, and I’ve been told by women that there is something about the way I move that attracts them [which is called confidence in movement])

Overall I just feel like a better version of myself, kind of a 2.0 or something.



365 days?? 1 year!? Shit just got real…

I started as a catepillar on day one, on day 90 I climbed into my cocoon, and now… at day 365 I emerge.. AS A MOTHAFUCKIN ROCKET SHIP SPACE DEATH SHIP WITH LAZOR ROCKETS LIGHT SPEED WITH THE BOBA FETT HELMET AND A RED LIGHT SABER!

Now for the lowdown:

What has NoFap done for me?

I used to think it did a lot for me, now I’m not so sure. I feel like once the initial novelty wears off, you just become normal again. BUT, it can also be because the superpowers just become a part of you and it’s just your new norm.

Where do you go from here? (Are you going to continue NoFap?)

I’ve put a lot of thought into this one. Seeing as it’s been a year since I’ve last fapped, I’ve kind of considered the option of fapping in moderation, with or without porn. But then when I play out the scenario in my mind of fapping to porn (or just fapping) it reminds me of who I was and I don’t want to be that person again. I feel like a better person now. However, I’ve been suffering a lot of stress-related health issues recently (ulcer and nerve complications, as well as anxiety) but people have been telling me to try things like working out, yoga, meditation, etc. I digress, but I don’t think fapping is the answer, so this is a work in progress.

Advice for us who are striving to achieve 30/90/180/365 days?

Honestly, I can’t give you guys any advice that isn’t given on here every day. People here are amazingly supportive and have tons of good advice. But one thing I can give you is to not have NoFap in your direct focus. Keep it on the backburner and live your life. It’s kind of like the saying, “don’t count your eggs before they hatch.” I haven’t been on NoFap for 2 months, just focusing on my life and ambitions and 2 months came and gone! The counter will keep counting even when it’s broken! Keep living and keep your hands above your belt. Read others advice about girls, meditation, cold showers (this is the one I haven’t done), etc. and implement it to your life. This is a struggle, and even at 1 year it’s still a struggle. Stay strong and focused.

Final Word

Tomorrow I get to say I haven’t fapped in over a whole year.. Wouldn’t you love to say the same?