100 days – 2nd time: more social, no depression, I was a shell of a person

Finally hit 100 days for the second time and it feels great. I feel like I am a lot more in control of my sex drive and am a lot less depending on getting release. This means I have a lot more self control.

In the past I have just gotten purely horny as time goes on, but this time it is less of a struggle. Now, it takes kissing/touching IRL for me to get aroused and I don’t really perk up when I stubble upon a hot chick on a T.V. show on or the internet.

Overall the benefits I have noticed is: less depression(completely gone at this point), less video games, less anxiety around people, more social, more drive.

Drawbacks that I have had: decrease in libido(noted I have not weight trained I do exercise but I run mostly) more willing to have casual encounters with people I don’t necessarily have feeling for.

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by Passthejelly



People don’t make me nervous anymore

I actually like being around people and helping people. I use to get worried and not being social, but now I need others in my life to connect with.

When I was fapping I was a shell of a person and didn’t want to try anything new, do anything, or experience what life has to offer. Don’t cheat yourself out of great life like I did.

Fuck the person I use to be, and I am never going back to that.


Anyone else have their eyes get more vibrant?

When I do nofap for a few weeks generally I start to get a lot more color in my eyes. It usually happens every time I do nofap and it comes and goes some days.

The minute I release, my eyes go back to a darker color. Anyone have this happen to them, and can anyone explain why it happens?