100 Days – Conversations and eye contact are a lot easier now. I just feel better and better every day.


So I got to 100 days no pmo, it was hard but worth it. Before this streak I relapsed many times but every new streak I knew what I needed to change to let the new streak be longer. When I started I wasn’t strong enough to say NO to an urge. So i knew i needed more discipline. Because self discipline is key to overcome this addiction. Its a battle with yourself.

Nobody is gonna fight for you, you are the only one who can fight back. Become stronger by doing things you don’t actually want or like doing, that’s the way your discipline grows. Things you can do are exercising, meditation, reading, eating healthy foods, taking cold showers. These are some things that help me get more discipline, but these things are often very simple.

But on the moments you feel tired, you don’t feel good that are the moments you need to get up and go do it. If you do it every time your brain says NO, you become stronger. But its hard and most people now a day’s don’t want their lives to be hard, they don’t want to feel bad or feel pain or don’t want to feel alone. But if you overcome these you become stronger and stronger.

I lift weights multiple times a week, I try to eat healthy, but I find it hard to meditate often. I am still trying to make it a habit.

I learned that only nofap is not the solution to become a better/stronger human, you’re whole lifestyle need to change. I started reading and i start to like it now. Another thing that helped me is getting out of my comfort zone.

Conversations and eye contact are a lot easier now. I just feel better and better every day.

I am mental and physical a lot stronger today. Nofap forever!

Good luck everyone, you can do this!

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Post from a week earlier – Finally i made it.

I feel really good. All the energy i wasted before nofap i now use it to lift and learn new things. When i started i was more on the background but the further i got the more i talk and say things. When I started i was a person who thought about the things i was gonna say, but now i just say what comes up in my head i dont think about it anymore so much.

And eye contact in conversations with family, friends or strangers really improved a lot.

I think people feel my presence more now. And respect is better now because i say what i want to say.

I just feel really in the moment, i say what i want to say and do what i want to do. Brain fog? What’s that? My focus is better if i want to do something i go for the full 100%.

[Before NoFap] i felt fucked up and there was always shame. Yeah alot i feel really good now. All the energy that i wasted i now spend it on other things, keeping eye contact is really good now, i can control my emotions better now. 18.

[Urges?] I go lift some heavy weights or go to a place where family is or i go to a friend or go somewhere in public. The most important is that i always leave my room then.

And remember: Overcoming internal struggles is essential to overcoming external struggles.