100+ days – ED, depressed, anxious, lethargic, lack of focus, a zombie

I have always had this belief of giving back more than you have taken. I remember reading a handful of these inspirational posts that impacted my life significantly. They have changed my life and it is my turn to write my experience and impact someone, even if it’s one person. Below I have written a guide of everything I have tried, every technique, every thought, every piece of advice I can think of that will help you on this tough journey.

A helping hand can go a long way, even if at the end of the day it will be all you that will make it happen. Yes, you heard that right, this test is all you. 100% you. If you fail, it’s your fault. If you succeed it’s your glory to add to your title. I might add that it is a monolithic accomplishment to remember forever. It isn’t superficial like your child marathon trophies where everyone receives one for participating.

Before we delve into the guide, let’s take a moment to further promote that idea of a true man. You will have definitely have heard this in every guide and post, and it’s worth repeating every single fucking time. We men are dieing out. We are not what we use to be. We are sitting behind in the DARKNESS, all shriveled up, hunched over, sweating, playing with your nummy num until you pass out of the exhaustion in your stained sheets. You are a man; you are not made to impregnate an inanimate object! In fact you are not even human; you are the definition of a sucker. You are the people that these large PMO companies prey on to bring in revenue. YOU ARE THAT PERSON! WAKE UP! Actually don’t listen to me, continue to drain your energy, your time, your worth, your confidence, and your self-esteem daily until you have nothing left. You will end up like me before I began my journey.

This was me:

  • My friends were drifting away. I gave up hangouts to sit in my room and pleasure myself
  • My family loved me unconditionally, but did not enjoy my company.
  • I had trouble focusing on my job and as well as my classes at my university.
  • I had no girlfriend.
  • I had an enormous amount of anxiety with human interactions in general.
  • I worked out furiously, but never seemed to gain anything.
  • Everyone told me, I was mentally checked out. I even caught a glimpse of me in a video and you could a blank stare in my eyes. No one was home. Definition of space cadet.
  • No ENERGY, no matter how much I slept, NONE. NOTHING. AT ALL. Always tired. Bags on my eyes, pale, acne, and dehydrated.
  • I was terribly depressed.
  • I had a PMO addiction.
  • I had PMO induced ED.
  • I was stressed, anxious, confused, and lost.
  • I was not living life, but I was not dead either. I was a zombie.

PATH TO BANE Motherfuckin batman always swoops in out of nowhere and steals your girl, it’s not fair! In fact he does not even see you as a major villain, he sees you as a pathetic criminal that commits misdemeanors. He’s sharp, he’s charming, and he’s a playboy millionaire. How can you beat him? How can a weak, skinny, acne covered, trembling you, even come close to matching and surpassing batman? It’s simple, we kill the batman. We make you BANE. 1) VENOM (Power supply): You need a base for support, a center of gravity, a place you can draw power from when you feel stressed. You need your own venom(bane’s serum) that will activate your warrior spirit. It could be a mantra, a person whom you trust, a voicemail of you, a video of yourself, a note to yourself. I would not suggest telling a person about your goal or affliction unless you trust that person with your life. Choose the right person or do not tell anyone at all.

I would suggest making a video or a voicemail for yourself from yourself that would remind you of your goal and how far you have come. A simple mantra I had was “Whose tough? I’m tough?” and I would say that over and over until it sounded like I was foaming in the mouth. You can have any mantra you want, but it has to mean something to you! The most important portion of this advice is that you TEST it. Make sure your base/power supply/venom actually does something for you and is not just a false sense of security to you. How do you test it? When you feel an urge coming on, use your mantra, listen to the voicemail of you, watch the motivational video of yourself, or read the letter to yourself. It’s not going to erase your urge completely, but you will notice a punch to your urge. Even better, you should use a combination of these techniques.

2) FOCUS: BANE had one goal, to eliminate the batman. He did not focus on anything else, but that one goal. Many people aim to do multiple goals at once and end up losing their focus, which means nothing gets completed. Focus at most on two goals, A. Killing the batman (your pmo addiction), B. __________ (I would suggest working out, it builds up confidence while keeping you busy and tired at the same time). No more than two, then build a plan and focus on it!

3) ATTACK FROM MULTIPLE ANGLES: BANE came in from all angles to kill the batman. He cornered him in all his different lifestyles until batman was exhausted and ripe for the back breaking. Attack your addiction from multiple angles. If something is not working, CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY, YOU DON’T LIVE FOR FUCKING EVER!

  • If you have trouble keeping PMO at night, do cardio before you sleep or if you are really serious, buy a lock for your junk, you can find one online for quite cheap.
  • If you PMO in a specific room, shift your laptop/computer desk in a room where there will most always be people AND it will be hard to move your laptop back to your original place. It would help significantly to eliminate the area by which you typically look at.
  • Another tip is to shift your furniture around and redecorate your place to make your brain believe you are in a different place. I always noticed that when I switched in a new dorm each year that the first week would be significantly easier when I was in a new place. The new place gives off the fresh, mind set like a shower does and it prevents you from PMOing significantly.
  • Always except friend hangouts, no matter how much you do not want to go out or are terrified of people. If you can learn to hold a conversation in a stressful situation, you will perform most colorfully when you approach a comfortable one. This is all assuming you have finished your work for the day.
  • This one is a common tip from every guide I have seen. Make an agenda before you get on your computer. Yes, that’s right, use a fucking pencil and paper and write it out. The more time you spend on the computer, the more likely your mind will wander, and the more likely you will end up PMOing. I made a rule where I would only use my laptop at my school’s library. If I had to use it in my dorm, I would use it only when my roommates were there. If I had to use it even more urgently, I would use my computer without its charger. All of these tips help you optimize your productivity as well as puncture holes in your addiction.
  • Do not go websites that drain time, reddit, imgur, iwastesomuchtime, etc. Unless you go to /r/nofap only. Even with nofap, only go on it when you need to. Do you really imagine yourself surfing nofap endlessly? Do it to find support, but do not loiter onward after you filled up your motivation bar. Yes, your motivation bar, you need to replenish it daily. Just like showering it is recommended you do it daily.
  • BLOCK your PMO sources. If you have an ipad/iphone or other device capable of internet, block your safari completely and ask your friend or family member to type in password. Blocking your internet with K9 helps a lot, if you are not a coder/hacker/sly person. I remember wasting so much time finding a way around K9 internet guard. When I did, I binged for a long time.
  • Do not binge! EVER! If you succumb to your desires, do it once. Then shower and run the fuck out of your room!
  • Do not edge ever! Edging is for people that are not serious about nofap. When you do something, do it well or not at all. It is as simple as that. If you start edging, finish off, accept your error and move on. I made way to many errors edging to find myself in an even larger hole than before.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you fall. Be vigilant and stay focused, but don’t batter your already poor self-esteem. Stand up and punch that batman in the face.
  • STOP TRYING TO FORCE WET DREAMS. Your goal is to keep your seed, not worthlessly shoot it out on a bed sheet. Of course they will happen on their own, but don’t force them to happen.
  • WORKOUT. It is BANE. DO it. NO explanation needed. BE BANE.
  • READ when you can. A book. Not articles, hell not even what I just wrote. READ books. It improves your focus.
  • Meditate 5 minutes OUT OF THE BED in the morning and 5 minutes OUT OF THE BED just before you sleep. It helps improve concentration.
  • Depending on your work life, you may have a hobby time on top of your career/education/worklife. A hobby is not surfing the net or playing video games or texting. Get the fuck out of your house. Right now. LEAVE. YES, STOP READING THIS ARTICLE. RUN YOU FOOL. GET OUT. GO FOR THE MOST NATURE EXHILARATING WALK THERE IS. SEE NATURE, BE NATURE, AFTER ALL YOU ARE MADE FROM NATURE! YOU ARE NOT A MACHINE!

4) BE RUTHLESS AND RELENTLESS: YOU NEED DRIVE. Every villain wanted to kill the batman, but they couldn’t because they had no drive. Everyone wants to be rich, everyone wants this or that, but none of them want to work for it. You have to be willing to sacrifice, and if that means sacrificing internet for 100 days, then DO IT! Do you want it that badly? Do you want it as a bad as you want to breathe? Do you want it as bad as the Bane wanted to kill the batman? If you fall, get up and keep pushing forward. Take those hits to your face and slowly become immune to them.

5) PLAN AND ADAPT: BANE strategized a well crafted plan from the beginning with multiple solutions at each step of the way encase the witty batman outsmarted them. Build a well crafted plan from the beginning. If x happens, I will do y. If you find something does not work, CHANGE IT! If it works continue to do that. Build a plan from the beginning and stick to it. I can tell you with anything especially workout routines, you will not see results just going in and doing whatever muscle group you feel like doing that day.

6) LIVE AND DIE DAILY: Realize that you may die any second, any minute, any day, any month, or any year from now. This does not mean to go fapping until you die, it means quite the opposite in fact. Do you want to die realizing you wasted your life doing absolutely nothing? At the same time, I always had the mindset that I could only enjoy life after I had killed the batman. While this helps you stay focused, at the same time, it prevents you from living life. LIVE every day. Spend time with your family and friends or what makes you happy (not fapping), listening or playing music or painting a picture or playing a board game. This prevents you from fruitlessly wasting time and truly focusing on what matters.

7) REFLECT: At the end of it all, when you kill the batman. You will find the issue that caused you to dive into your addiction. It could be boredom, depression, anger, and stress. When you confront it, know that you can either succumb to that feeling again or crush it once and for all. You will understand whom you are truly. The moment you do, is the moment you truly become a force to reckon with. It’s the moment you become BANE. Master yourself, and you can rule the world.

If you made it through this entire lengthy guide, well congrats. This is the path to bane. This is the path to greatness. This is the path to killing batman. Once you kill the batman (your addiction), everything will still be tough. Don’t be disheartened, because now you have the tough skills to take on the tough tasks. Do not wish for the easy life, do not wish, be. Be relentless and tackle every problem you have. You will have the skill of willpower and confidence to naturally pursue any goal beyond that. I am a current day BANE, physically and mentally. I have a beautiful girlfriend whom I love dearly. Who knew BANE COULD LOVE? My relationship with my friends and family are tough as steel. My mind feels clear and break other weak heroes now. This guide is my last nail in the coffin for the batman as I bury him in the ground at his own mansion. He will bother me no more.

TL;DR: You are batman for not reading it. I am bane. I just broke your back.

LINK – 100 Days + PATH TO BECOMING BANE (First and Last Post)

by Bonecrushher


UPDATE – Once Bane, now broken by the weakened Bat

I was the original author of this one. http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/1iu9ya/100_days_path_to_becoming_bane_first_and_last_post/

I have learned the most valuable lesson that you should all know. Today marks many of the days I have spent straight relapsing, in fact I fell from my 100+ day mark 40 days after. Looking back, it’s inspiring to see what I wrote, because I’m merely a shell of what I use to be. The lesson in this post is to always stay vigilante, just like an alcoholic can never truly drink alcohol again, you can never fap ever again. Never lose sight of the accomplishment you have completed and NEVER EVER falter to your desires.

1) Never forget how large of an accomplishment going a 100 days + is. Be thankful and feel blessed every day. As soon as you begin to see that doing so was no major accomplishment, you may be more likely to falter again. This is because you think you could do it again if you relapsed, and let me tell you, it becomes harder each time you relapse after to a longer period. Be thankful for each day you are alive and addiction free. IT IS A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT, CHERISH EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Counter Argument: Do not get drunk on your glory, admire it, but it should not be the only accomplishment you do this life. It should be the beginning of many, but admire the fact that you can now live with tenacity and energy.

2)While this rule may sound like common sense, never falter at great heights. The consequences are larger. Fall from a step isn’t as bad as falling from the top of mount everest. Once you fall, you have no idea the depth of the hole you’re falling in. After practically binging in weekly spurts since my last 140 days streak, I am only just now recovering. That’s almost about 3 months from then! All it started with was a little feel, that escalated into a flame that engulfed me.

3) Never feel like you’re free, you are never free. The batman, even in his weakened state, broken with his back, returned and kicked my ass. Why? Because I grew complacent and felt like I was invincible, that this addiction could never take me ever again. I fell, and I fell hard.

To sum up my lesson in one quote by nelson mandela:”I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.”

Remember what made you strong every day. Do not get lazy. As soon as you cut corners you’ll be vulnerable.

There is a little silver lining. I know how much power I am capable of, you can easily tell the difference in the writing style of then and now. It does work, I will become bane once again. This time I will break more than the bat, I will break the man. Goodnight batman.

For those of you who are bane. Stay as bane. Cherish how far you’ve come briefly. Stay vigilant and have the same tenacity each day. Live like you could die any day from now. Keep your enthusiasm high. Never run out of venom.

For those that are not. It’s time to go back to basics that made us the bane. Let us march on this path to Bane.

TL;DR If you don’t pin the batman down everyday, he may sneak up upon you and break you. Unfortunately, this batman is close to invincible, the best you can do is make him so weak that he can barely roll his eyes. You can never extinguish the batman.