100 days – ED seems cured

Well hello there fapsers. I’m on this journey which i have dedicated my self for the last 100 days and for that I’m proud ofc. I don’t think that i was addicted or stuck with porn as most of the other guys around here on the forum but i used to masturbate once a day/week back in the day. Here’s my story

So this summer evening i was hanging out with my friend which is a guy who’s pretty good with women. He Suggested that we should contact a girl to get rid of my virginity, and so we did…

The girl arrived and we were planing to fuck the girl together. I was the guy to go for the move since i had the best opportunity (for non important reasons) and so i did.

Since I’ve look thru 1000 of porn videos i pretty much knew what to do -make out -touching -fingering and -go get it in!

But the problem was… I couldn’t get the shit up, it wouldn’t fucking move. The best i got was like 70% hard and went 1cm down her pussy so i could mention myself as virginity-free. I’ve always wanted to see a women’s body naked, and i was so exited too but fuck noway José. My friend finished.. Great experience. This was the night i found out about porn addiction so i quit watching and jerk of.

30 days later try girl #2 This time, the motherfucker stood up… for a while at least. Had troubles getting it up. Almost doesn’t count as sex, but fun experience.

60 Days later girl #3 Yep, i had fucking good sex. But i knew my penis could be stronger man.

2 days ago girl #4 Met her on tinder like a week ago and since my gaming had improved a lot i got her on a date last Thursday and we have sex… I’m so grateful that i can have sex now.. i’m serious

Right now I’m heading to town to meet a girl i hope will be #5. Wish me luckz!

LINK – 100 days being pornfree

by Luxuriy