100 days – Feeling normal like a man now.


I had one hookup and one dating (which led to hookup too). They came naturally and there is no ego boost whatsoever but the feeling at the moment was good. You don’t need sex to ride the first 100 days for sure because they come and go.

What helped me in the first 100D is that, Connection With Human Beings! Talk to your parents or siblings, go help out the community (elementary school, farmers market, library despite how lame they sound), or, go see a few therapists or psychologists that are free. The time spent outside of your room is in direct positive relation to how well you succeed!

100D achieved yesterday. Feeling normal like a man now. Next Goal: get a girlfriend and be fully committed. Life is young. Enjoy it in a healthy way can sustain the youngness. Afterwards, we are just human beings experiencing the senses given by a higher power. Let go and Let Be.

LINK – 100 DAY! Feeling Like Normal Now

by SkyFallBack