100 days – increased confidence, ambition, assertiveness & energy, less social anxiety

Confident guy

The last 100 days have not been easy. But man have they been worth it. Not just with Nofap but I have made many other positive changes in my life in those 100 days. Nofap was the solid foundation though. I then went to stop smoking weed, drinking pop. I also began meditating and lifting on a regular basis. I put all of my sexual energy into these things and they have all paid dividends. I feel healthier than I ever have before.

Some benefits I’ve seen are:

  • Social interactions are a lot easier (this was a big one as someone who used to struggle with social anxiety
  • increased confidence
  • eye contact through the roof
  • performance at work increased
  • performance at the gym increased
  • increased energy
  • way more productive
  • Happier in general
  • more ambitious
  • more assertive

Granted everyone’s different and all of these are from all of my positive life changes, not just from Nofap.

Eye contact with females has increased dramatically. I’ve noticed I’ve been receiving a lot more hugs and just general positive vibes from women. I’ve learned to not see women as sexual objects but as actual fucking human beings (no pun intended)

As I enter the triple digits I see no end in sight. After all the good things Nofap has brought me I never intend to return to my old daily fapping ways. I intend to enter the quad digits and beyond. I have some tips for you fellow fapstonauts that got me this far. I hope at least 1 helps someone out there.

Tips for fellow fapstronauts:

  1. Keep a journal and write in it every night before bed, or whenever you feel urges. I found this very useful as I could reflect on past urges and realize what you’ve conquered.
  2. stay busy if you can. “idle hands are fapping hands”
  3. Create new healthy habits.
  4. text friends to go play football or something.
  5. This subreddit is really helpful but there comes a point when you need to distance yourself from it and take on new ways to fight urges.
  6. Go to the gym
  7. stop or slow down with weed. (This may be a controversial one to some but I saw benefits from it so it belongs on this list. Again, everyone is different)

Well fellow fapstonauts I appreciate your help on this journey. Hopefully just one of my tips helps someone struggling out there. I give a huge thanks to you all and wish you the best of luck on your journeys. It’s not going to be easy but it is Definitely going to be worth it.

LINK – 100 day post. What a journey.

by Vindicate