100 days – more confidence, energy, creativity. Air smells fresher, food taste better.

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100 Days in and it’s been a hell of a trip. I’m combining this effort with an overall cleanse. I’ve gone 90% vegan. Before anyone says “you can’t be 90% vegan” I have to say that I might be going 100% very soon, but I love steak. Steak doesn’t taste like it used to since I got my juicer.

I’ve been juicing fresh produce, 80% veggie, 20% fruit. I had a spirulina overdose the night before last and I am now feeling better. Just finished some hemp granola and greek yogurt, and a couple pieces of fruit.

I’m not tempted to visit porn related sites because it’s false. The whole premise of pornography is false. Most of the people involved in porn are concerned with appearances over the way sex feels. Sex to them is about making it look good for the film. They don’t care how their partner really feels, as long as she LOOKS like she feels good.

That’s not a loving sexual connection, and I think we can all look forward to forging such a connection with someone.

I’ve dated and had lots of sex over my lifetime and my feeling on the subject is that it’s very overrated unless you can find someone who means something very special to you. Building trust is very important, and that kind of love is built from the ground up over many years.

My hope is that the efforts I’m taking now will eventually lead to a loving relationship but I have decided to hold out for someone I love and will trust enough to go there. I’ve had the dates on POF where you end up just getting it on — but then you find out she’s cheating or she’s not really looking for the same thing… or she’s crazy.

I’m gonna keep working on my thing and one day I’ll meet the love of my life. I have that faith.

I’d say the best benefit is having all this energy. I don’t need coffee anymore and that feels really good. Since I’ve combined nofap with a whole diet change to mostly raw veggies & fruit, it’s hard to say which effort is providing me with the best results, however. I’ve got a reboot on my life — a second chance to do something great!

Fresh air smells better. Music feels better. Food tastes better.

I have much more confidence with women and I feel like I could talk to anyone without feeling weird.

I spend much more time enjoying healthy activity.

I have all kinds of ideas about my job too. Yesterday I came up with a very creative way to solve a problem that was going to cost us a lot of money to fix. I spun up our answer in five minutes and everyone was impressed.