100 days – more confident, talk to people more, new joy in hobbies

I missed my 90 days report so here I’m with 100 days report. I’ll keep it short and simple and focus on how these 100 days has changed me.

I’m more confident. I talk to people more than I used to. For no reason really. I just talk if there’s something to talk about.

I’m more committed to things that are important for me. These include sport, friends, health etc. I’ve been going for jogging, gym, other sports regularly even before NoFap, but during these 100 days I’ve found a new joy of them. I signed myself up to two running competitions too (half marathon and 16km). I’m not going to fail them.

I’ve been struggling with smoking and drinking (funny because I’m in a fairly good shape after all) for a long time. Before NoFap I used to drink every weekend (sometimes I didn’t even wanted to) and when I did I also smoked. To be honest giving up those things was harder than NoFap but now I haven’t smoke a single fag over two weeks and same goes to alcohol.

I’m also more spontaneous. I do things that old me would have ever done. I’ve dreamed about boxing for some time. Just to learn basics of it and maybe spar with someone. So just a moment before I wrote this post I signed myself in basic boxing course. I don’t know what went to me but now it’s done and I can’t wait for it. Who knows where it leads to me in this life.

And lastly, I feel much better person in general. Sometimes I feel like I just want to give the whole world a hug. Crazy!

I’m like 99,99% sure I’ll never go back to old me. This has become my new obsession and relapsing would kill me, if not literally then metaphorically. After like 50 days this has been very easy to me too. Although I still believe there are hard times ahead but let them come!

LINK – 100 days

by kmkivist