100 days – more motivation & more social

Title says it all! Was a long and arduous journey, but I made it! Not to mention, this was HARD mode for me. Details:

Days 1-6: By far the toughest days during the reset period. I had lots of energy lying around. I would’ve caved on day 5 if it wasn’t for the help of my best friend.

Days 7-30: This was the flatline period for me. It was during this time that I taught myself to play guitar by ear. Ever since I’ve done that, I’ve had absolutely NO interest in any sexual activity.

Days 31-42: Felt like Days 1-6, but I had much more control over my urges. I had landed my first job at day 33. I also started lifting around this time.

Days 42-Now: This was where it was purely smooth sailing. I had absolute control over myself. I had much more interest to get stuff done, not to mention the new friends I made at work. I did notice my female co-workers taking a sudden interest in me around day 64.

TL;DR – NoFap has benefited my life for the better. To anyone who’s still trying to reach 90 days, hang in there and DON’T GIVE UP!

LINK – 100 days!

 by thelastfap0