110 days – (ED) Long flatline. Lots of benefits, including better erections

It’s been a long journey but I finally made it past 90 days. Actually, the reason this post isn’t coming exactly on day 90 is that about a week ago I made it a mission to not go on reddit, limit facebook use, and generally spend less time on the internet. But here I am and here’s a bunch of reasons why the last months have been some of the greatest of my life. I’m not saying everything was a result of NoFap.

In fact, I think, if anything, this could be a list of things that have improved since I decided to try and become a better person and that NoFap is just one thing on that list. But so, in the last 110 ish days here’s what has happened (it’s been that long since I first tried NoFap, I started with a 20ish day streak):

  • my dandruff is gone completely
  • no more pimples
  • I’m stronger because I have a renewed energy in the gym
  • I’ve become more of a “doer”. When I want things I go do them rather than thinking “oh that would be awesome.” I traveled to three foreign countries over spring break because the opportunity was there and I wanted to. In the past I would have just talked about how awesome that would be without actually doing it. I learned to do front flips on my snowboard in my first year of riding in terrain parks. In the past I wouldn’t snowboard as much because I couldn’t find a lot of people to go with, but this season I have been more outgoing and able to make friends who also snowboard. Also, if no one can go I no longer have trepidation about going alone.
  • Finally had sex with a rock hard boner. In the past, sex could only happen if the girl blew me first to sort of get me going. I couldn’t really just get a random boner from making out with a girl or cuddling but I was finally able to. This was also a huge relief because I had a huge flat line that lasted almost a 2 months and had numerous failed attempts at getting it up.
  • I’ve become extremely outgoing. I have always been able to chat up people/make friends when I was in the right mood. The problem was that oftentimes I’d get in my own head or become very withdrawn in social situations so I wasn’t meeting as many people as I should. That’s all changed. I can talk to anyone/everyone wherever/whenever without any worries or second thoughts.
  • I am changing the dynamics of my immediate family. I used to have a lot of stress whenever I visited home or talked to my parents. My family isn’t very close or fun to be around. However, I now talk to them about my random funny life stories and when I was home over winter break and visited during college insisted on family dinners and such which has lead to feeling like we are actually a family for once.
  • I’m independent. All my life I’ve been labelled a hopeless romantic. It isn’t the worst designation but part of the reason for it was because I would fall head over heels for any girl I had a good initial conversation with. I had dated two girls in my life, both of them for a long time and both of them I relied way too heavily on as an emotional crutch for my insecurities. Now I’m single and am talking to more girls but not falling for everyone I talk to. I attribute this to feeling like I don’t need anything else in my life. If I find someone I really like and think my life will be far better with them in it then I will try and make something happen but I’m done feeling like my life is lacking without someone to share it with.

So that’s a brief synopsis of the events that have happened over my NoFap journey. Again, I don’t know how much of this is a result of NoFap and how much of it is a result of trying to consciously change my life but looking back it’s amazing to see how far an individual can go over a short period of time. I’ll check back later to answer any questions about tips for success/other changes I’ve noticed/etc etc but then after that I’m done with reddit for good. Thanks for the help everyone.

“90” Day Report

 by PrettyNicePointer


QUESTION: Mind sharing your porn history? How frequently were you using and had you escalated?

I started porn at an early age. At age 10 I first started internet browsing, looking up words like “boobs” and “naked girls”. When I was 11 I started masterbating, I used to rush home up the driveway and lock myself in the bathroom to masterbate. Starting sometime in middle school and throughout high school it definitely escalated.

I remember times when I would look at porn and masterbate so many times that my dick actually had rashes/rubbed off skin on it. The first year of college my use definitely diminished due to having a roommate but since then I’ve had a single and have looked at porn everyday and masterbated multiple times a day.

My habit every single night became look at porn, masterbate then sleep. If I was hanging out with people and it was around 2 am or so I would leave them to go back to my room to do this. The porn I was looking at definitely became increasingly violent and warped as well as vanilla stuff could no longer arouse me. I also definitely found that porn got me much harder than any girl could.